My Husband Wants Me Dead By Spring Sprout Chapter 203

My Husband Wants Me Dead By Spring Sprout Chapter 203

Chapter 203

Barry was instantly stunned by Bradley’s single sentence, causing him to stammer and call out, “M-Mr… Mr… Mr. Warner.”

Upon seeing Bradley, Felix, who was in Esther’s arms, became ecstatic and exclaimed, “Daddy!

Bradley elegantly took a seat beside Esther, exuding a chilling aura from his handsome face.

Barry couldn’t believe that his son had provoked Bradley’s son. Cold sweat covered his chubby forehead, and Megan, observing her once-arrogant husband now meek in front of Bradley, had a foreboding feeling.

Timothy, unaware of the situation, smugly taunted Felix while being held by Megan, saying, ” Scared, huh! My dad is super awesome!”

Felix glared at him and retorted, “My dad is the most powerful in the world!”

“My dad is fat and can beat up ten dads like


Megan quickly covered her son’s mouth upon witnessing the icy and menacing expression on Bradley’s face. Timothy’s voice was muffled as he kicked and struggled in his mother’s arms.

Barry wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and humbly apologized, “Mr. Warner, I didn’t know he was your son. On behalf of my son, I apologize to Mr. Felix!”

A cold smile curled on Bradley’s lips as his indifferent gaze landed on Barry’s chubby face. He asked, “Are you apologizing because I am Bradley Warner of the Warner Group or because I am Felix’s father?”

In truth, everyone knew that Barry was apologizing because Felix was Bradley’s son, and Bradley was the head of the Warner Group. If it were someone else, the situation and outcome. for Timothy’s family would be entirely different.

“You’re joking, Mr. Warner. Of course, it’s because you’re Felix’s father,” Barry replied submissively.

Bradley sneered lightly and remarked, “You have a good sense of timing.”

Megan also put on a smile and said, “Mr. Warner, as adults, we should show great magnanimity. It’s normal for children to play and fight with each other.”

Megan hadn’t expected to find herself facing someone like Bradley after getting her way her whole life.

“Officer, this young man snatched my son’s pen, and due to its significant value, I believe it constitutes robbery. I hope you can teach him a lesson…”

Barry hastily interjected with a smile, “Mr. Warner, it’s just a playful fight between children. It’s not robbery!”

He knew very well that if a child of Timothy’s age actually snatched something from another child, he wouldn’t be sent to jail. However, if the police took Timothy away in this manner, he certainly wouldn’t be able to remain in this kindergarten.

“Yeah, Mr. Warner, you’re a magnanimous person. There’s no need to dwell on us,

insignificant people.”

Bradley reached out and embraced Esther’s slender waist, seemingly seeking her opinion. He asked, “What do you think we should do?”

“Apologize! Leave the kindergarten!”

Esther also understood that it was impossible to send Timothy for punishment given the circumstances.

She wasn’t the type of person to hold onto a situation, but since they had demanded the same from Felix earlier, they should follow through.

“Mr. Warner, it’s just a minor matter. There’s no need to go as far as leaving the kindergarten…

Bradley didn’t bother arguing with the family before him. Instead, he turned to the kindergarten staff and stated, “This is our request.”

“Understood, Mr. Warner.”


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