My Husband Wants Me Dead By Spring Sprout Chapter 204

My Husband Wants Me Dead By Spring Sprout Chapter 204

Chapter 204

The Marsden family’s behavior at the kindergarten had also annoyed the staff. It had all started with Timothy snatching something from Felix. Despite an explanation of the situation, the Marsdens stubbornly defended themselves, relying on their wealth and disregarding others. Little did they know that there were people in this world more formidable

than them.

Bradley glanced at the police officer and made a request, “Children’s lies are harmless chatter, but when parents support them, it becomes slander. I request that you enforce the law in this matter.”

Megan’s face turned pale as she looked at her husband with despair. “Honey…”

Barry wore a cold expression and sternly commanded, “Shut up!”

The police took Megan away, awaiting the full force of the Warner Group’s legal department.

As for the mischievous Timothy, he instantly became frightened upon seeing his mother being taken away. He sat silently on the leather sofa, glaring at Felix with resentment.

Barry forcefully grabbed Timothy, pressing his head down and forcing him to apologize to Felix.

“Timothy, apologize to Mr. Felix!”

Timothy, accustomed to being spoiled by his family and always having his parents back him up,

had grown used to being a tyrant in his class. This was his first encounter with such a situation, and his chubby face turned red. Reluctantly, he shouted, “I’m sorry!”

Feeling extremely embarrassed, Barry bowed and apologized. “Mr. and Mrs. Warner, Mr. Felix, I apologize to all of you. We have failed in raising our child…”

Esther looked at Timothy’s reluctant apology but did not push further. Timothy was not her child, and she did not need to worry about his education.

Many people believed that children were innocent and oblivious, but little did they know that children were often the most perceptive when it came to judging a situation. Timothy, behaving like a little tyrant, was aware that he could cause trouble without consequences because his parents would always support him.

“Felix, do you accept his apology?”

Felix pondered for a moment and generously said, “Timothy, I forgive you.”

Esther was pleased to see Felix’s generosity. She hugged his shoulder and said gently, “Even though it was self-defense, Timothy was also hurt. So we should…”

Before Esther finished speaking, Felix took the initiative to apologize.

“Timothy, I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have been so heavy-handed!”

Apologies were exchanged, and principles were upheld. Despite his young age, Felix had a clear sense of right and wrong.

Timothy did not expect Felix to apologize to him. His face turned red as he muttered, “It’s okay.”

Bradley had no objections to Esther’s approach. His indifferent gaze fell upon Barry, who looked like he got lucky. “I’ll have the company’s finance department repurchase your shares.”

Barry was stunned. He panicked and said, “I… I won’t sell!”

The Warner Group had been thriving in recent years, and Barry had earned a substantial amount of money from his shares. If Bradley wanted to acquire his shares, it meant he would. lose a valuable asset.

“Sign the documents today. I’ll transfer the funds to you at the market price.”

Bradley stood up, holding Esther’s hand, and looked down at Barry. With a bloodthirsty and merciless tone, he said, “Just for causing trouble with your status as a shareholder of the Warner Group, I can press charges until you go bankrupt!”

Barry immediately knelt in front of Bradley, begging in a humble tone, “Mr. Warner, I was wrong! I beg you to spare me!”

“Keeping the dividends given by the Warner Group and bullying my wife and child? Who gave you the right? Huh?”


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