My Husband Wants Me Dead By Spring Sprout Chapter 207

My Husband Wants Me Dead By Spring Sprout Chapter 207

Chapter 207

After Felix started attending elementary school, Esther and Bradley became even busier. Esther would help out at Anna’s exhibition during the day and then come home to study with Felix in the evenings.

Felix used to think that the children in kindergarten were childish and boring. It wasn’t until he became a fifth-grade elementary school student that he discovered the fascinating ocean of knowledge.

His private school was the city’s best, with most of his classmates coming from affluent families. The annual tuition fee alone equaled the price of an average person’s house. Moreover, there were study trips during winter and summer vacations. Given the wealthy background of the students’ families, education was given special emphasis.

Felix, who had always considered himself a genius, became more humble and started studying diligently in this environment.

Esther would play documentaries in multiple languages to develop Felix’s language skills while helping him with his homework.

Bradley took on the responsibility of teaching Felix golf. Felix also wanted to learn a musical instrument, so he chose folk music from the many options available.

However, the pleasant and heartwarming days were short-lived. The wedding date announced. by the wedding company was fast approaching.

In order to be the most beautiful bride, Liliane had prepared herself in the best possible condition. She didn’t want to get married in a hospital room and instead returned to the Ansteys’ villa well in advance.

The wedding dress would only be worn during the ceremony, so the wedding planner was working on Liliane’s reception hairstyle. Liliane sat in front of the dressing table, allowing the stylist to create the most beautiful hairstyle for her.

Billy and Leah, dressed in formal attire, entered the room. Leah looked at her precious daughter, dressed so beautifully, and couldn’t help but shed tears.

Seeing her teary-eyed reflection in the mirror, Liliane softly said, “Mom, please don’t cry. You should be happy for me!”

Leah wiped her eyes with a handkerchief and smiled through her tears. “My daughter looks so beautiful.”

“It’s all thanks to my parents.”

Once the stylist finished the hairstyle, Leah asked the stylist for some privacy.

“Of course, Mrs. Anstey.”

Only the Ansteys remained in the spacious room. Leah gestured to Billy, who took out a large folder and handed it to Liliane. “Liliane, this is the wedding gift your mother and I have prepared for you.”

Liliane opened the folder and was shocked to find the property deed and stock certificates inside. She exclaimed, “Dad, Mom, this is too much!”

Leah held Liliane’s hand firmly and said in a choked voice, “Liliane, your father and I only

have you as our daughter. Since your birth, we’ve been preparing for this. Although our family doesn’t have the same wealth and business as the Warners, we’ve done our best to provide you with a generous gift. This is your confidence in your new family.”

Billy, who rarely shed tears, couldn’t help but cry. He choked. “Liliane, you and Bradley should be well. If he mistreats you, don’t keep it to yourself. I’ll support you.”

“Thank you, Dad.” Liliane hugged her father and then hugged Leahı.

As Leah embraced Liliane, she looked at Billy. Now that all of the Ansteys’ assets were in her daughter’s hands, there was no need for Billy to feel like an outsider anymore.

Leah patted Billy’s shoulder and gently said, “Go and greet the guests.”


Billy didn’t think much of it and went downstairs directly.

The Ansteys were filled with joy on this day. Wedding decorations adorned every corner, and relatives and friends from both the Ansteys and Walpoles gathered together, congratulating Billy.

Billy was overwhelmed with joy and indulged in hot and cold beverages.


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