Secret Billionaire’s Contract Bride: Marrying My Enemy’s Lover By Elaine Carlson Chapter 66

Secret Billionaire’s Contract Bride: Marrying My Enemy’s Lover By Elaine Carlson Chapter 66

Chapter 66


If you had asked me two years ago if this is where I imagined my life would be, I would have said no. I had mapped out everything perfectly. I would get married to Damon and have a nice house with a big yard so that the children could play.

I know. Many people were shocked when I told them that my greatest dream was to be a mother.

Back then when I was deep within the mess that was the Steyn brothers I had clung more to what Ashton wanted. He had convinced me that I was meant to keep my small slender body if I was to keep my appeal. And all I wanted to do was to appease the man I had thought I was in love with.

All the while he had slowly been brainwashing me and causing me to forget about the dream I had as a little girl. I wanted a nuclear family life. I wanted the husband and the babies and to just be domesticated.

My mother had pushed for me to be a star. Sure I enjoyed it and the checks were nice when they rolled in. But I hated the fact that I always had to be this ‘perfect’ version of myself. I always needed my hair done, my nails done, and I had to make sure I only ever had the new seasons collections.

It was exhausting and not to mention the restrictive diet I had been put on.

I was miserable. And that anger had turned into this deep seeded hatred that I took out on my sister.

She never seemed to hate life. She was always laughing and smiling with her friends and our grandmother adored her. She was like a diamond, great on her own. And I was merely a trophy..

The perfect accessory to my politician husband and the perfect daughter to my father.

But now I was breaking away from all those chains and starting over. I deserved to start again in cleaner and fresher air.

Had running to LA been impulsive? Yes. But had it been necessary? Yes. I needed freedom.

And now I sat here in my car waiting outside the café where I was set to meet my new agent-well potential agent. I was yet to confirm if he wanted me on as a new artist or not.

Adelaide: You’re going to smash the interview

Me: I came like twenty minutes early and now I’m shitting bricks in my car.

Adelaide: Don’t. You’re going to be fantastic.

Adelaide: Damon also says good luck

Me: Stop lying, I know he didn’t say that. You know that man would much rather put itching powder in my clothes than congratulate me.

It was true. Though Damon and I were now on somewhat civil terms I knew he still had his reservations about me and. rightfully so. He wanted to protect Adelaide but what he failed to understand was that I wanted to protect her too. We were on the same tearn but he was still treating me like an enemy.

Adelaide Okay not in those exact words but you get the gist of it

Me What did he say?

I saw three bubbles before they disappeared and then reappeared again. This went on for at least five minutes before I got

frustrated with her

Adelaide: He said and I quote “Tell her not to fuck this up. She needs jobs so she can move out.’

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Chapter 66

Yep That randed like the Damon I knew And in weird way, he was telling for good luck. This was just one way ed

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Lof course, had weed his under

I toode a few rating lar all before answered the call

“What do you want Ashmont There was no need for pleasantries when dealing with a monster. They didn’t underst parditeriens

“What the fuck is wrong with your? Are you dum

You see? Always one four warm greeting

elcoming attitudes

“State your bonines, Ashton Or I’m hanging up this call”

There was silence on the other end of the line. The only thing that roadd be heard somewhat clearly was his heavy

“You sent me droarce popers, Comuna There it was I knew he would be mad and he braced myself for what was to co best never that it was here I wa lude work and frozen. “Your sent me fucking divert

That nude that they would serve your in the office” And I hadn’t. But couldn’t be and say that it didn’t bring me a little spark of joy trekorer that he had been endor ed in front of his rolle

adways about your image in’t it. Ashton? You aren’t even upset that fin leaving you”

“And why shedd 1 be? We were never in love”

Pain There was a slight tinge in the middle of my chest. This man knew just how to hurt i

He may not have been in love with me but at some point through this whole chaotic circus we had created I had been in bow with him. I had fallen in love with a man who was a moonster

Jouwen the papers and we can put this all befand us. Achtom. You clearly don’t love me as your wife and I cannot continue to love you my husband”

“Cai fark you. Corinna. This never hart to do with love and you know it. Our union was a business transaction. It always was’ She then in has were “You were to play the part of the perfect wife and I was to be the upstanding family from I want the White Hrane and yes want fame”

“We have the fame withwest praw! I retorted

“They are sething withend my name, Comiting” he spout “Yra think just because Adelaide has my brother that your ve suddenly her name onmeter? Think now Your will forever be in her shadow Who wondled want a washed up wi like you anyway?”

Phor. Phen was what i had adjected orjult in for aliment can years of my life. Their were the rignis that Tha

“A mashed long mandar karotted Bays the man who ju thing off me pathens fin your endriers ki that you don’t have a

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Chapter 66


cent to your name and are using their campaign money to buy yourself suits and take fancy vacations with your mistresses?”

There was silence on the other end.

“Why so silent my dear husband?”

I knew that I had him. Ashton had lost the good graces of the public and after his father had cut him off for being such an embarrassment. Mr. Steyn could not take the embarrassment of the fact that his son had impregnated a ‘commoner. It had been such a story and that was why they had all pushed for the wedding so much.

I was meant to clean up his image and make him likable again.

After I started working in the film industry and my small role in Adelaide’s last feature film people had grown to love me. Ashton tried to capitalize on that. And for a time it worked. They had begun to love him and since the race for governor was quickly drawing closer he knew that he needed every last vote. But then I realized that I couldn’t take it anymore and I broke


“You’re a bitch.”

“And you’re an insecure ass who sees the faults in everyone else except himself. You may have needed me, Ashton. But make no mistake, I never needed you.” I made sure to coat every last word with the anger and fury he embedded in me so far deep. it was now a part of who I was. “Sign the divorce papers. And if you even think of trying to cause problems I will make sure to air out your dirty laundry to the next publication that approaches me.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Try me.” And then I hung up the phone, feeling far more powerful than I ever had. This man didn’t know me. He didn’t know what I was capable of and he underestimated me. I was not a weakling. I was stronger now and if he wanted a fight then I would give him a brawl.


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