Secret Billionaire’s Contract Bride: Marrying My Enemy’s Lover By Elaine Carlson Chapter 68

Secret Billionaire’s Contract Bride: Marrying My Enemy’s Lover By Elaine Carlson Chapter 68

Chapter 68

I shook my hands at my sides and looked out at the stage. I could see a sea of people just waiting for us to come out.

Today was finally the press conference for the movie. I was joined by Tiffany and Gabriel and Emma-of course. I was nervous, to say the least.

This whole ship was mine to steer and it all depended on me whether it was a success or not. There was a lot of pressure on my shoulders but I was trying to not think of it that way. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself but it was hard after all the articles and videos 1 had seen.

The books had been gold and now they were going to hold the movie to the same standard.


I jumped two feet in the air whirling around and sucker-punching the culprit in the gut.

“Bloody hell, Gabriel groaned as he clutched his stomach.

“Oh my God,” I gasped. “I’m so sorry.”

He let out a sound that was a cross between a chuckle and a groan. “No, it’s fine. It was my fault for sneaking up on you.”

Tiffany came up behind us with a smile etched on her face. “Such an idiot.”

“I love how you take enjoyment in my misery.”

“Of course,” Tiffany smiled, her caramel eyes gleaming. “How are you feeling. Adelaide?”

“Nervous,” I said through a shaky smile. “How are you not nervous?”

“Oh I am but I just mask it well”

Gabriel stood to his full height and let out a long breath testing his diaphragm. “I have the utmost faith in you ladies. I have no doubt that you will smash it on stage.”

“I hope so” I breathed looking out at the stage where Emma sat being interviewed.

The studio had set us up with a panel at MediCon. It was this huge entertainment conference. This is where people would first hear about the show and the media would get a chance to ask us questions.

Emma was a natural up there. She was smiling and kept a cool head. I had done some interviews and I had walked one red carpet. But it was just the carpet. This was a full-blown crowd of what looked to be 200 people

“And now I would like you to give it up for the stars of the upcoming film. The Blood Bond. Please put your hands together for Tiffany LaMonet and Gabriel Alcortez.”

The crowd erupted in cheers and the pair walked out onto the stage. They waved to the adoring fans taking a seat next Emma on the plush white couch

I was up next.

I shook out my entire body trying to calm my internal chaos.

“It’s just a room filled with humans like you” I recited Damon’s words of encouragement to myself. When I had been a ball of nerves and tears in the morning he had given the good old pep talk and that was what he told me to rememb

They were just people like me Except these ones were going to scrutinize everything that I did or said. If I said one wrong thing that could be misconstrued then I would be cancried

Chapter 68

It was so easy to offend someone nowadays. I needed to try and piece together the little media training I remembered. My father had made sure that Corinna and I were both prepped for the camera growing up. But while Corinna had shined in front of the camera I was far more comfortable behind the lens.

“And now please put your hands together for the woman who will be spearheading this whole project …’

Oh God, it was show time and I was nowhere near ready to go out.

Suddenly this insane need to pee took over me-just mere seconds before I was called on. Well, it looked like I had to hold it

the incredible Adelaide Steyn.”

The crowd roared and all three of my colleagues on the couch turned to the left side of the stage encouraging me to come out. They all knew that I was nervous.

I took one last breath before exhaling and plastering the best camera-ready smile I could muster on my face. The light shined down on me like the gates of heaven. It was intense but the one good thing it did was black out the majority of the


This was fantastic.

I walked to the couch and settled in next to Gabriel who had left me the space.

“Mrs. Adelaide Steyn,” Amber, the interviewer, smiled at me. “You are always so stunning and radiant. Welcome to MediCon. We are so happy to have you here.”

“I’m so happy to be here.” My voice echoed through the speakers in the large room. The little headpiece speaker was small but the mic carried the voices louder.

“When you got the call from Steve what was running through your head?”

“That maybe he had dialed the wrong number,” I joked and the rest of the crowd erupted into laughter. “No, I was so thrilled. I was already an avid fan of Emma’s work and loved the world she had created. She took us on a journey with her storylines and made us fall in love with the characters. That in itself is a true gift.”

“Oh you are too kind.” Emma smiled warmly at me.

“We obviously have a huge fan base here for the series, does that add a layer of extreme pressure on your shoulders?”

This was the long-awaited question and I had rehearsed it time and time again with my husband. But now being on stage I just blanked. All the words I had recited over and over again flew out of my mind.

“Damn straight it does.” I chuckled, earning more laughs from everyone. “As a fan, you become protective of the characters and you almost guard them jealously. So when someone wants to bring the book to life to become a visual representation it’s hard. It’s hard to allow someone else to do justice to Samuel and Maria. Everyone has a different and unique interpretation of them in their heads. So I know I have to tread carefully but with this cast and with Emma as my right hand I know that this movie will turn out amazing.”

“And to add onto that point,” it was now Gabriel who spoke. “Adelaide’s work speaks for itself. The woman knows how to pull at your heartstrings and bring a story to life. She is by far one of the most incredible women I have seen in this business.” He moved his sky-blue gaze to my face. “I think this project will be safe in her hands.”

The genueness in his eyes was what caught me. He was an amazing actor and he had many acclimations to his name and here he was praising my work. Work that had been examined by so many. He saw me and it felt so good to be seen by others, especially those in my profession.

“Thank you.” I smiled at my lead.

Gabriel then placed his hand on top of mine but only for a second before he retracted it back.

“I can see that support is immense on this couch.” Amber smiled at us. “Now let’s take some questions from the fans and the

Chapter 68


The rest of the interview went great We all knew how much to say and kept any huge spoilers to ourselves And thankfully, I didn’t put my foot in my mouth and possibly get myself canceled.

As we were leaving the stage I tripped on my heel but thankfully Gabriel was beside me and was able to study me by putting an arm around my waist. I was able to right myself and continue walking off on my own

If I had known that something so innocent could be misconstrued then maybe I would have taken more precautions. It seemed that after every fire I seemingly put out, a new one popped up in its place.


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