Secret Billionaire’s Contract Bride: Marrying My Enemy’s Lover By Elaine Carlson Chapter 69

Secret Billionaire’s Contract Bride: Marrying My Enemy’s Lover By Elaine Carlson Chapter 69

Chapter 69

It was date night again in the Steyn household and my husband had taken me to a private beach dinner. Leave it to him to always top everything.

When I got home I found a box and a note at the very top of it that read: Be ready by 7:00 and wear this. I think it will bring out your eyes.

He had gotten me a couture evening dress that hugged my body perfectly and gave my chest area that needed push up. I loved it. And when he walked in he had all but gaped at me.

His exact words were, ‘I don’t think we will make it to that dinner reservation.’

There had been times that I worried that the connection we had would fade away. I had worried that he could stop being attracted to me. I had seen the kind of women he attracted. They were stunning. Supermodels and royals alike.

Yes, I said royals. The man had princess’ panties falling to the floor.

But it was in moments like these that I realized that it didn’t matter whose eyes were on him because his eyes were always on me. Always.

It didn’t matter who was surrounding him. Even in a crowded room, his eyes would find mine and that alone gave me the security that I needed from him.

He had candles lit all around us in the sand and a small table with red roses littered all over.

The moon hung high in the sky and the waves crashed into the shoreline creating this peaceful and tranquil area.

“Did I tell you that you look stunning?” He grabbed my hand from across the table. “How did I get so lucky?”

“Luck had nothing to do with it Mr. Steyn, you played the long game with me.” I winked at him, getting him to smile. “To be honest, it was a little stalker-ish of you, I must say.”

“You still said yes.”

“After you conned me.” I laughed.

“But aren’t you happy?” he teased. “Did you not get the happily ever after you dreamed of for so long?”

“Okay slow your roll buddy boy,” I squeezed his hand in mine, “It wasn’t sooooo long.”

“It was.”

“No, it wasn’t.”

“It was too.”

“Stop that, are you 8?” I lived for the moments we teased each other like this. It was always so light-hearted and fun and reminded me of the days when we were falling in love.

We sat in silence just staring at each other, neither one wanting to break first until he burst out laughing and I followed behind him.

When the laughter died down we got served our dinner. This man had even gone as far as to get my favorites all in one sitting. I had a flame-grilled steak with garlic mash from this place we used to frequent in Vegas. Then he had even managed to get my favorite dessert, a chocolate mousse, from Rick’s on the strip.

“Did you fly all of this food out?” I was only half joking when I said that. But yet again this man surprised me.

“We have a jet, we should use it,” he said with a shrug.

Chapter 69

I gawked at him like he lost his mind. “You used your jet to get this food here?”

“Our,” he took his last spoonful of mousse. “The jet is ours. What’s mine is yours, it’s as simple as that.”

“And what’s mine is yours.” I finished off for him. But to my surprise, he shook his head.

“What’s yours is yours, baby. I don’t need any of it.”

“Am I too poor for you, Mr. Steyn?” I wagged my eyebrows teasing him..

“Hardly,” he drew the back of my hand to his lips and kissed me softly. “It’s my job as your husband to take care of you. Emotionally, financially, and physically.”

“So what I’m hearing is you are my personal therapist, horniness eradicator, and bank account.” I was only messing with him

of course.

“If you want to put it that way then sure, baby. I am all of those things and more.” This man had my heart doing backflips in the middle of my chest. How was he even real?

He was gorgeous, that was obvious to anyone with working eyes. But his heart was so golden. And very few people got to see it and even fewer got to experience it. I was one of the lucky few who got to feel his heart’s warmth.

“And what am I for you?”

“Well, you’re my peace.” His eyes pierced right through me like I was butter and they were a sharp-edged blade. “You are like my sunshine on rainy days and my northern star that’s always guiding me back home.”

I had to hold back the emotions that threatened to leak out of my eyelids.

“I love you.” I leaned over the table wanting a kiss and he gave it to me. It didn’t last long but it didn’t need to. I felt every ounce of love in that one kiss. I didn’t think I would ever tire of kissing him.

“I love you more than you will ever know,” he said, and I felt it.

After our dinner, we decided to go for a walk by the shoreline. Damon was carrying my heels in one hand and clutching onto my hand in the other. The moon shone down on us almost like a spotlight.

“I’m excited about the movie. We’re set to start filming next week.” The day had finally come and I was so excited. I knew that it was going to be a long road from here but I was up for the challenge. “Did you see the interview?”

Damon nodded looking straight ahead. “You did great, baby-just like I knew you would. The male lead, what’s his name again?”

“You mean Gabriel?”

Damon nodded. “Apparently he’s some real hotshot. And he seems to love your work.”

“I know right?! I was so shocked that he actually loved one of my films. I had always been so self-conscious about my work but to get recognition from someone of his caliber means the world to me. I feel so seen.”

“He’s not all that great.”

“What do you mean? The man was nominated for three Oscars, he’s not just some small fish in the sea. He is one of the big


“I’m just saying that there is more of him where that came from.” There it was. I could hear the jealousy in his voice.

“Damon? Are you… are you jealous?” I stopped in front of him with a wide smile. “Oh God, you are! This is too good.”

He tried to play it off. “What do you mean? Why would I be jealous of someone like him? I’m a billionaire with a ‘b’ Who is

he to me?”

Chapter 69

He avoided my eyes so I knew that he was full of nonsense.

“So the great Damon Steyn, a billionaire with a capital ‘b, is jealous of the heartthrob that is Gabriel? Oh, baby.”

He pouted. “Heartthrob? More like the hunchback of Notre Dame.”

I laughed even harder. “Don’t be sour.”

“I’m only stating facts. Come on.” He tried to move us but I held my ground in front of him.

I reached up on my toes and pressed my lips to his. This kiss unlike the other one deepened and went a little further. I melted into him, my palms pressing up on his chest. His arms came around my waist pulling me in even closer.

The kiss left me breathless and yearning for more of him.

Now that I thought about it, we hadn’t had beach sex yet, and since we were all alone out here, why not?

When we pulled apart we both had matching smiles.

“You are my number one. Damon. Always have been and always will be. Never forget that, okay?”


“Now, how about some beach sex?”

“You read my mind.” He lifted me up into his arms and kissed me like it was the very first time.


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