The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 102

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 102

Chapter 102

“You flatter me,” Corinne responded absent-mindedly without raising her head.

Jeremy rested his forehead on one hand and glanced at her from the side. “Have you learned it before?”

His question was an inquisitive one because it defied common sense that Corinne could play the ukulele so well. Although he had chosen her to be his missus purely by chance, he had sent someone to investigate her background after that chance meeting.

Although the Carews were regarded as a middle-class family, Corinne was an illegitimate daughter who did not receive much in the way of care. She was sent to the countryside to be raised by relatives since she was young, and the worrying environment of her upbringing meant she hardly had any means to learn any musical instruments. Yet, that piece she played at the gathering earlier was simply beyond the reach of anyone without a solid foundation of seven or eight years.

She was so full of contradictions that he could not help but wonder if there was more to her than what he could see.

Corinne ignored the man’s scrutinizing gaze and looked at the party bill on her cell phone. She had just paid for the expense of the gathering, and she was left with around 40 bucks in her account. The culprit who was the cause of her poverty was none other than the man sitting next to her, and he still had the gall to make sarcastic remarks such as teasing her for playing the ukulele so well!

She got angrier the more she thought about it, and she snorted before saying, “We’re not a real married couple, mister! Whether or not I leamed it before has nothing to do with you! We’ll be going our separate ways after three months, so why are you being so nosy?”

Jeremy frowned at her petulant response. “Didn’t I just compensate that other girl for her ukulele on your behalf? Why are you giving me that attitude?”

‘What’s wrong with my attitude, you say? You should be glad I didn’t tell you to mind your own d*


mn business!’

Corinne rolled her eyes at him. “You were the one who threw that ukulele on the wall and smashed it to pieces. Do you expect someone else to compensate her for that?”

Jeremy’s expression sank, and it was the first time he experienced the ungratefulness of someone else.

Corinne snorted again and said, “And besides, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have to spend all my -living expenses on treating all those students today!”

When all was said and done, it turned out that she was unhappy precisely because of that one incident.

Jeremy cocked his brows and smiled slightly. “I thought you were happy to gather with your fellow students? Are you that pissed just because you ended up treating everyone?”

“Attending a gathering doesn’t mean having to treat everyone! Do you think any random person has the financial ability to spend money as you do?” Corinne frowned unhappily. “This gathering

isn’t a small one between two or three people either. When it comes to such huge gatherings, it’s common practice to pay for one’s own meals! You’re the reason I lost an entire month’s salary!” Jeremy narrowed his eyes. Ever since the two reached a consensus on cooperation, Corinne had always been patient in front of him, evidently seeking stability and avoiding conflicts as much as possible.

It was rare to see her losing her patience and being so angry.

The aggrieved expression she had after losing money was adorable, and her cute little lips were pouting so strongly that it was beginning to look like a duck’s bill.

“I’ll reimburse you,” Jeremy said nonchalantly.

“Really?” Corinne’s eyes lit up. She had already opened up her QR code and entered the exact amount, cents and all.

Jeremy was speechless. Her fingers moved very nimbly, and she showed no hesitation in asking him to return the money!

In Corinne’s opinion, there was no necessity for her to be polite when requesting him to return the money, because she never even wanted to spend it in the first place! He deliberately teased her by declaring in his capacity as her family member that she was going to treat everyone there. The unknowing students took it seriously because they did not know the truth.

If she left without treating them, it would seem like she was trying to leave without paying the bill. If she did foot the expenses, she would end up with no money! Though there were still some funds at Aaron’s place, the money must be saved to buy her mother’s paintings instead of being spent on a whim!

Jeremy chuckled, took out his cell phone, and scanned her payment code.

As soon as the money arrived, Corinne felt much better.

Her scrunched-up little face immediately became less tense, and she became chattier. “Did you know that your behavior today made my classmates think that you took me in and raised me like a father?”

‘Took her in? Raised her like a father?’ Jeremy frowned. “Do I look that old?”

Corinne shook his head. “Not really. They’re implying that I’m a sugar baby to you because you don’t look like you’re old enough to be my real parent.”

Jeremy lowered his gaze and frowned slightly when he heard that she seemed to have suffered. some humiliation at the party earlier.


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