The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 103

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 103

Chapter 103

“Why would you play the ukulele for them, then?”

Corinne pursed her lips. “You think I wanted to play for them? Some of the girls accused me of having an affair with the dean, which caused a misunderstanding among the students. The culprits will only apologize if I play the ukulele, so I had to put on a good performance! I respect the dean very much, so it’s important to me that his name isn’t tarnished.”

After hearing that, Jeremy turned to gaze intently at her before leaning closer all of a sudden.” Why didn’t you clarify to them about me?”

Corinne was startled when his handsome face, which looked attractive from every angle, leaned over so suddenly. Her breathing stopped, and she wondered to herself, ‘What is he doing?!’

“Ahem! Clarify what, exactly?”

Jeremy’s charmingly enigmatic eyes seemed to drag people deep into the depths of an abyss. He lowered his body even more as he said, “Clarify that I’m not some sugar daddy but your husband instead.”

The word ‘husband’ made Corinne’s heart skip a beat when it resonated just outside her ear.

When she finally snapped back to her senses, Corinne immediately rolled her eyes in disgust. “I’d rather not! I wouldn’t want anyone to know that I got married at such a young age. I’d still want to have a proper marriage with someone I genuinely like in the future!”

Hearing her say that she wanted to have a proper marriage with someone’ she ‘genuinely liked’, Jeremy’s face remained unchanged, but a thin layer of gloom seemed to shroud him as he said. with a teasing sneer, “Is that so? I’d be curious to see if anyone would be brave enough to marry someone like you in the future.”

Feeling as though she had been underestimated, Corinne raised an eyebrow unhappily and retorted, “What’s wrong with me? What do you mean ‘someone like me”?”

Jeremy stared at her with a bottomless gaze and said in an unclear tone, “You’re an assertive woman who grabs a random stranger from the street and kisses him. What kind of woman does that make you?”

Corinne puffed up her cheeks. “I told you. It was an accident-”

The driver braked suddenly, and inertia caused one of them to lean back while the other leaned forward. Since they were both facing each other, their lips came into brief contact.

Jeremy’s pupils contracted, and he straightened his posture up to move further away from her. Sorry about that.”

He did not mean to kiss her.

Corinne blushed and frowned. She wanted to get angry at him, but she just could not do so for

some reason.

It was even more awkward for her because she had just emphasized that she grabbed him ‘by accident’ and kissed him during their first encounter. By contrast, the brief kiss they just had was

also an accident because he obviously did not do it on purpose. As a result, she could not keep harping on the fact that kissing him the first time was an accident because that would sound

more awkward and preposterous.

As a result, she had no choice but to just forget about what happened.

She thus kept quiet and raised her hand to push Jeremy away. After wiping her mouth vigorously with her arm, she turned her face away and lowered the car window to let the wind in. She then looked at the streetscape outside as if nothing had happened.

Her side profile was exquisite, her eyelashes were thick and curly, and she had a bit of baby fat too. The evening wind blew the hair on her forehead, and her ears were still blushing because of the accident earlier.

Jeremy was lost in thought for a moment when he saw Corinne like that.

The car stopped, and the driver got out of the car to check on the situation before coming back to explain the situation. “Sir, there’s been a collision up ahead which caused this traffic jam. I’m

afraid we won’t be able to pass through this road anytime soon.”

Traffic jams were unavoidable, and the bane of those who were on the road.

Jeremy was massaging the top of his nose bridge when he heard the sound of someone opening. the door and getting out of the car. I

He turned around and saw that Corinne had just gotten off.

“Where are you going?”

“There’s a train station up ahead. I’ll take the train back,” Corinne replied and left.

Getting stuck in a traffic jam with Jeremy was an ordeal that she would prefer not to go through.

Jeremy lowered his eyebrows, remained silent for two seconds, then got up and got out of the car.

Tommy, who was still sitting in the front passenger seat, got out of the car too. He was about to chase after them when he heard his boss give an order without even turning back to look, “You don’t need to follow me. You can clock off work now.”

Tommy had no choice but to heed his advice. “Yes, sir…”

As he watched Jeremy follow Corinne, he was a little worried about what might happen because Jeremy never took the train before.

Moreover, what was he to make of Jeremy’s actions toward Corinne?

The road conditions near the train station entrance were terrible, and the traffic congestion was

just as severe.

A multi-purpose vehicle was stuck in traffic, and inside the vehicle were Sherlyn and her parents, who had just finished the contract signing ceremony and were on the way home after a joyous meal with the manager of the new company.

On that day, the film and television company under Holden Group had officially signed her, and aside from providing her with a high-end vehicle, they also promised her tremendous amounts of

ng her with a high-end vehicle, they also



Sherlyn was confident in her future and felt that she was on track to becoming an international superstar. The only thing that was killing her mood right then was the traffic jam.

She poked her head out of the car window to look at the road in front, and it was then that she

saw Corinne and a tall man crossing the road.

“Dad, Mom! Look, isn’t that Corinne? Why is she with a man when it’s already so late?”


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