The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 105

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 105

Chapter 105

Jeremy was not angry, though. He curled his lips into a slight smile and followed Corinne in. After a while, Tommy called back, “Sir, I’ve found it! You should buy a ticket to-”

“It’s been settled,” Jeremy replied, then hung up without waiting for Tommy to finish.

Tommy was left in a daze on the other end of the line, and he did not know what to think after what happened.

Corinne walked slowly as she led Jeremy to the waiting area, and she could not help but laugh when she saw him hang up on Tommy.

When the man heard her giggles, he stared at her coldly and asked, “What are you laughing at?”

Corinne smiled and said, “I was wondering if rich people like you will end up forgetting how to live if you go bankrupt.”

Jeremy frowned. “You enjoy making fun of me?”

Corinne could not bother to show him any courtesy and nodded honestly. “Yeah! I just took a picture of you standing helplessly in front of the ticket vending machine. I’m going to show it to Grandma once we’re home!”

Blue veins protruded on Jeremy’s forehead. “Corinne!”

Corinne took out her cell phone, clicked on the photo, and held it up to his face to taunt him.” Look! You were hilarious! I didn’t think someone like you would one day end up being in that kind of situation! Hahaha-!”

At that moment, a boy on a skateboard rushed over.

“Be careful!” Before Corinne had time to react, she narrowly escaped being hit before being pulled into his warm and firm embrace. The boy lost his balance a little on the skateboard and turned around before slipping away without stopping to ask if she was fine.

Jeremy lowered his handsome gaze to the girl in his arms. She had been full of herself just moments earlier, so he could not help but tease her, “Did you enjoy making fun of me so much that you can’t even bother to watch where you’re going?”

Corinne was speechless. ‘Fine. I admit, I was careless!’

Jeremy then said, “Don’t play with your cell phone while walking. Walk on the other side.”

“Okay.” Corinne put away her phone, obediently shifted positions to his other side, and expressed her gratitude to him. “Thanks, but I still won’t delete the photos!”

Jeremy snorted coldly, glanced at her, and did not seem to care much about the photo. He had a cold complexion, but there was a warmth in the depths of his gaze, and he was smiling faintly too.

Plenty of seats were available on the train because not a lot of people took it late at night. Corinne.

and Jeremy chose the cleanest seats and sat there.

Jeremy stood out a little inside the train due to his handsomeness, more so because he was wearing a high-quality branded suit. His aura was so strong that everyone’s attention was drawn to him, and he became the focus of those in the carriage.

Women looked at him yearningly from time to time, and a few men could not help but do a double take at him too.

Jeremy either did not seem to notice their gazes, or he turned a blind eye to them. He sat there like royalty, almost as if there was no one else around him.

More passengers got off after a few stops, and the train was almost empty. Quiet atmospheres such as that would inevitably lead to awkwardness, and Corinne had no way to get rid of that awkwardness because her cell phone was out of battery. When she turned her head, she noticed that Jeremy was looking at her quietly, but she did not know what was going on in his mind.

Being stared at made her feel a little awkward.

“Let’s discuss something, mister!” Corinne brought up a suggestion. Jeremy nonchalantly cocked his handsome eyebrow and said, “Sure.


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