The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 106

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 106

Chapter 106

Corinne shut her eyes momentarily as though tired. The exhausted expression made her endearing face look stern.

She said, “Mister, I hope we’ll have more trust for each other. You don’t have to be so guarded and fear I’d cheat on you. Please give me some space! I told you I’d never have an affair before the three months are over. Just trust me on that!”

Jeremy looked at her unblinkingly. “You thought I was worried about you?”

Corinne looked up, tilted her head, and looked at him with her widened eyes. “What else could it be? You wouldn’t have gone to the party ground that’s not even to your liking, and you wouldn’t have come into the room to check on mine and embarrass my classmate if you weren’t worried about me!”

Jeremey said faintly, “Miss Carew, please remember about our partnership. Inevitably, I hold partial responsibility for your safety during these three months. I’m not suspecting you, but the things that have me worrying are those male classmates around you. Can’t you tell they have ulterior motives toward you?”

Corinne did not think it was a problem. “I’m not stupid; of course I can tell! But I can take care of myself, and I won’t let them do anything to me.”

Jeremy snorted. “You won’t let them do anything to you, you say? Didn’t you raise the glass and want to drink it when they cheered with you?”

“Err… It was just a glass of cocktail!” Corinne furrowed her eyebrows and seriously thought Jeremy was making a big fuss about it.

She knew her alcohol tolerance. She was just going to take a sip and was never going to drink much.

“Just a glass, huh?” Jeremy’s face looked solemn. He lectured her, “How do you know they didn’t put anything into that glass? As a girl, you shouldn’t drink anything anyone gave to you at that sort of place. You can never tell who’s a bad person by his appearance. How old are you? Do I need to remind you

about this?”

Corinne was stunned after receiving a lecture from Jeremy. ‘I know Mister attended my graduation as my guardian, but isn’t he too immersed in this role?’ she thought.

She had only seen such parenting lecturing from drama series. She had lost her only active parent ever since her mother was gone, and none cared for her. Her father was basically non-existent, too. He never cared how she was doing, only worried that she would bring disgrace to the family.

It had been a long time since someone lectured her like this.

‘It’s so weird!’ she thought.

When she regained her senses, she raised an eyebrow. “Mister, what about the alcohol you gave me? I can’t drink that either?”

Jeremy was startled and went silent for two seconds. Then, he narrowed his eyes and said, “Am I


the same as others?”

Corinne smirked sarcastically. “Yep, you are different. You don’t look like a person who’s desperate for women or is inclined into tricking them. Most importantly…you’re not into women like me and thus won’t care about tricking me. Am I right?”

Jeremy kept silent for a while before he smiled. “You do know your stuff, Miss Carew.”

“You’re so weird…” scoffed Corinne as she rolled her eyes. “You were just teasing how no one would dare marry me in the future… Now, you’re worried someone is going to drug me.”

Jeremy raised an eyebrow, glaring at her sardonically. “This is a big world, and you can’t even begin to comprehend everything out there. There are bound to be weirdos with strange fetishes.” Corinne’s pursed lips stretched into a small sarcastic smile.

“Heh… Thank you….for caring so much about me, Mister. I should thank your ancestors…too…”

Her voice slowly died down, and it was not long until Jeremy noticed how silent she was. Followingly, his shoulder felt heavy when Corinne’s head rested on his shoulder.

Corinne closed her eyes and fell asleep with steady breathing. She has been feeling sleepy. She barely had time to rest, and she was just too tired…

Jeremy turned to look at the girl who dared to use his shoulder as a pillow.

This was the first time anyone had done that.

His eyebrows were furrowed, but his expression was unreadable. Despite that, he did not dare to move her.

When Corinne woke up, she realized she was sleeping comfortably on the bed in the Holdens’ estate. The sky was still dark.

How did she come back home?

She scratched her head and could not recall how she had gotten from the train station to the Holdens’ estate.


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