The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 107

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 107

Chapter 107

Despite having lost a section of her memory, Corinne did not bother too much about it. It only bothered her that she still had not changed out of her clothes after having been outside, and she had not even showered. The feeling discomforted her.

Thus, she groggily got up from the bed and took out a set of clean clothes from the wardrobe. She pushed open the bathroom door and entered-

There was steam in the bathroom, and the water was running. The bathroom was warm too.

‘Did I turn on the water for the bathtub when I came back and forgot to turn it off?’ she thought.

She curiously entered to check the bathtub when all of a sudden, the visual of a naked man with broad shoulders, a slim waist, and a muscular frame greeted her eyes.

The bathing man turned to look back when he heard shuffling behind him. At that moment, they made eye contact.

One’s eyes were vicious and sharp, and the other’s were surprised and ashamed.

With the sight snapping her entirely out of her drowsiness, she gasped and quickly turned to her back. “Mister! W-Why didn’t you lock the door before you started?!”

Jeremy’s face looked sullen as he said sarcastically, “Miss Carew. Last I checked, this is my room. Why should I lock the door when I’m having a bath in my own place? I should be the one asking why you didn’t knock before you came in!”

Corinne was embarrassed and angry. “You…don’t really stay here often and I already got used to that. How would I know you’re in here taking a bath?!”

“I’m having my bath, and you barged in here. I’m not angry, but why are you shouting at me?” Jeremy asked.

Corinne was at a loss for words, knowing Jeremy did make a good point.

“Miss Carew, are you going to leave, or do you want to join me for a bath?” Jeremy asked.

‘D*mn him!’ Corinne scoffed and quickly left the bathroom. She even slammed the door to make sure the door was tightly shut.

The refreshing, aromatic smell of the shower gel made her turn red as the forbidden image of Jeremy reappeared in her eyes. All she wanted to do was to throw it out of her mind!

Amid her flustered state, she suddenly remembered something.

She vaguely remembered how she fell asleep on the train. Jeremy did not wake her up reached the train station but carried her back home instead.

when they

She felt even more embarrassed when she recalled this..

‘D*mn it!’ she cursed.

She had to wake up early in the morning because of the graduation. Too much had happened

she was today. First, Francine tried to set her up, and she had to go to the police station to prove

innocent. After that, she went to the party with her classmates and got forced to play the ukulele… She was that deep in sleep because she was that tired.

Nonetheless, it was kind of Jeremy that he did not leave her alone on the train. After all, he was known to be a self-centered man who would not care about anything.

Just then, Jeremy walked out of the bathroom in a bathrobe. He smelled…very nice.

Corinne took a deep breath and entered the bathroom silently to avoid the awkward situation.

When she finished her shower, Jeremy had fallen asleep on the couch. Since Pamela was at home, they did not dare to sleep in different rooms. Thus, this was the only choice.

‘He’s asleep.’ Corinne was relieved and went back to the bed.

The next day.

When Corinne woke up, she did not see Jeremy in the room. It did not bother her as she felt more relaxed without him there.

As she left the room, she saw a maid carrying down a suitcase.

Curious, Corinne walked over and asked the maid, “Whose luggage is this?”


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