The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 109

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 109

Chapter 109

When Tommy parked the car, he received a call. His face immediately looked solemn.

“I’ll be there right away!”

He hung up the phone and said apologetically, “Miss Carew, I have an urgent matter to attend to, so I can’t go in with you. Please head inside and look for Mister Feldman. Tell him I sent you, and he’ll arrange your job for you.”

Corinne nodded and showed an ‘okay’ gesture before getting out of the car.

Tommy drove off quickly at a fast speed.

Corinne watched as the car disappeared. She raised her brow lazily and wondered what this supposed urgent matter was about. ‘Did something happen to Mister?’

The subsidiary company under Holden Group was an entertainment agency. Corinne walked into the lobby and informed the front desk of her reason for being there.

The receptionist took a look at her and called Mister Feldman to verify.

“Miss Carew, please follow me.” The receptionist then led Corinne to Mister Feldman’s office.

“Miss Carew, Mister Feldman is having a meeting with a celebrity. Please wait outside, and you may head in once they’re done,” said the receptionist.

Corinne nodded. “Alright.”

The receptionist went back to her desk, leaving Corinne to wait outside.

Not too far away, two girls were waiting for their coffees in the pantry and were gossiping.

“Hey, do you know our company has signed Sherlyn Carew?”

“Of course! She’s one of the most talked-about female celebrities!”

“Yes, and she’s trending all because of her scandal. After a series of clarifications to whitewash the scandal, she’s being talked about again. I have no idea why the company would sign her when her reputation is tarnished!”

“It doesn’t matter if her reputation is bad. Either way, she’s trending, and her market value has multiplied because of the scandal and her clarification. Who cares about reputation nowadays? Any celebrity who can earn money is a good one!”

“Having said that, Sherlyn Carew just came over, and she’s in Mister Feldman’s office now. I wonder what they’re discussing.”

“Who knows?”

The two girls took their coffee and went back to their desks.

Corinne overheard it all and realized there was a problem. She narrowed her eyes and thought deeply.


‘So, the celebrity inside the office now is Sherlyn,’ she thought.

Just yesterday, she saw Lilliana and Sherlyn posting on their social media accounts to boast about how Sherlyn had signed with the entertainment agency under Holden Group. They were thrilled, to say the least.

Nevertheless, it was very strange from Corinne’s point of view.

From the video, she had no doubt it was Sherlyn on the lap of a man who was obviously a sugar daddy. However, the scandal was overturned by stating the woman had a similar face to Sherlyn. It was taken that the woman was an influencer who had undergone plastic surgery to look like Sherlyn.

Not only did Sherlyn obtain extensive publicity, but she also whitewashed herself. It looked like a reasonable whitewash operation. The amount of manpower and money to handle this scandal was enormous. With the money available in Lilliana and Sherlyn’s hands, it was just impossible to achieve it.

Lilliana must have done something dirty to have Sherlyn back on the market again.

Just then, the door to the office opened.

Sherlyn, who had makeup and was dressed nicely, walked out of the office with a bright smile on her face. The moment she saw Corinne standing outside the door, however, the bright smile on her face froze. Immediately, she frowned.

“Corinne Carew? Why are you here?!” Sherlyn blustered.


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