The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 110

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 110

Chapter 110

Corinne smiled faintly. “I am going to work here.”

“Work here? Aren’t you working as a nanny with a rich employer?” Sherlyn asked.

“My employer seldom comes back home, and there’s nothing much to do there. I thought I’d do a part-time job to earn more money,” Corinne explained.

Sherlyn examined Corinne contemptuously. She sneered when she saw how dreadful Corinne looked just to make more money. “Geez, you need a part-time job to make money? Guess your rich employer isn’t paying you a lot.”

Corinne nodded, “It’s not a lot.”

“What’s wrong, Sherlyn? Why are you standing at the door? Aren’t you going to take your magazine cover?” a kind middle-aged man’s voice came out of the office.

Sherlyn looked back and smiled shyly at the middle-aged man. “Mister Feldman, I was just about to leave, but someone is blocking the door.”

“Blocking the door? Let me see who dares to block your way.” Mister Feldman walked out to take a look.

He put on a look like he was about to scold his foolish subordinate. The moment he saw Corinne, however, he was stunned.

Throughout his many years in the entertainment business, he had seen a lot of beautiful women, and he would rarely be astounded by another’s beauty. It was rare to see such a beautiful woman with a bare face in the entertainment business nowadays.

Mister Feldman regained his senses and asked, “You are…”

With a faint expression, Corinne introduced herself politely, “Mister Feldman, I’m Corinne Carew. Someone asked me to come see you. He said you’ll arrange a job for me.”

Mister Felman was stunned. “Corinne Carew? Oh, that’s you! Come right in!”

Tommy called him minutes ago and asked him to arrange a respected job for a girl called Corinne Carew. Although Tommy did not reveal much about Corinne’s information, Mister Felman was smart enough to know Corinne must have been unique enough for Tommy to personally call him to make arrangements.

Corinne entered the office with Mister Feldman.

Sherlyn, having been left out outside the door, gritted her teeth unhappily. ‘D*mn it! I thought Mister Feldman would be on my side and scold her!’ she thought.

To her surprise, Mister Feldman looked at Corinne as if he had never seen a beautiful woman before. He even politely welcomed her into his office and left Sherlyn outside!

“What the hell was that?’ Sherlyn cursed unhappily.

Thus, she did not leave and went back into Mister Feldman’s office in displeasure. She wanted to see what Corinne was going to work as in this company.

“Miss Carew, what kind of job are you interested in?” Mister Feldman asked politely as he sat behind his desk.

Corinne replied, “Anything. As long as the pay is high!”

Mister Feldman looked at her and gave it a thought. “Well. Would you consider being a celebrity? You have the looks for it. If you’re willing to debut as a celebrity, I’m sure you’re going to have a bright future

‘A celebrity? Corinne furrowed her brows and answered, “Not interested. Do you have other jobs?”

She intended to work here just to spend her time. After three months, she would resign and skedaddle out of Holden Group.

When Sherlyn heard Mister Feldman had the thought of signing Carew, she felt threatened. Although she hated Corinne and refused to admit she was beautiful, she still had to face reality. and prevent Corinne from being a threat to her

If Corinne signs with the company and debuts, she might take my spotlight and offers that could’ve been mine! No! I can’t let that happen she thought to herself.


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