The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 111

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 111

Chapter 111

With that thought in Sherlyn’s mind, she quickly went in and interrupted their conversation.

“Mister Feldman, is she looking for a job? Why don’t you let her work with me? The position for my assistant is vacant.”

Mister Feldman looked troubled with that suggestion. “Uhh, well…”

Considering Tommy was the one who sent Corinne to him, he did not think it was suitable to let Corinne work as an assistant for a celebrity, a job that required Corinne to take care of another person.

“Sherlyn, I know you mean well, but I don’t think that’s possible. Miss Carew here is-”

“How much is the salary as an assistant?” interjected Corinne.

Mister Feldman was baffled by this, weirded out by her demeanor. ‘How is she not interested in being a glamorous celebrity and is instead interested in being the assistant to a celebrity?”

Sherlyn glanced at Corinne and said proudly, “You can get around four hundred fifty to six hundred dollars per month if you work as my assistant. Don’t worry, I’m not going to treat you badly.”

As soon as Corinne knew the amount, she leaned back on the chair uninterestedly. “I’m not going to do it. The pay is too low.”

She could tell what Sherlyn was worried about.

Sherlyn frowned. “You think that’s too little? How much do you want?”

Corinne yawned lazily and said, “A thousand five hundred dollars.”

It seemed like a joke to Sherlyn. She rolled her eyes and sneered, “A thousand five hundred dollars? You expect to be paid that much to work as an assistant? You must be joking.”

Corinne ignored her and looked at Mister Feldman. “Mister Feldman, did you offer to sign me as a celebrity? The salary must be very substantial, right?”

Mister Feldman smiled when Corinne seemed to be interested in becoming a celebrity. “Of course! You’re not only earning your basics but are also getting the commission.”

Corinne looked intrigued. “Sounds nice. In that case, I-”

“Fine, one thousand five hundred it is!” Sherlyn interrupted nervously. “You can come and work as my assistant!”

Corinne raised an eyebrow and smiled at her. “Then, can I get one month’s advance salary now?”

Sherlyn’s face soured as she growled, “Corinne Carew, don’t push your luck.”

Corinne ignored her again and looked back at Mister Feldman. “I’ve made up my mind. I think it’s quite nice being a celebrity…”

“Fine! Sure, you can get an advance!” Sherlyn yielded with her gritted teeth.

Corinne chuckled and said, “Thank you. Please transfer it to my bank now!”

With a pit of fire in her stomach, Sherlyn suppressed her rage, forced a smile on her face, and transferred the money to Corinne’s bank account. Meanwhile, she began thinking of many ways to trouble Corinne.

Mister Feldman did not understand what was going on between the two girls. He did not want to get involved, but he was really hoping to sign Corinne as a celebrity.

‘Miss Carew, are you sure you want to be a celebrity’s assistant? It’s going to be tough. Why don’t you give being a celebrity another thought?” He tried to persuade her.

Corinne, having received her advanced salary from Sherlyn, smiled in satisfaction and lifted her head to politely reject the offer. “Mister Feldman, thank you for the offer, but I don’t have the talent to be a celebrity. Being a celebrity’s assistant is an easier job for me.”

Mister Feldman sighed regretfully. “Alright, then.”

‘What a waste. Had she decided to be a celebrity, she would’ve been a superstar!’ he thought.

After that, Sherlyn quickly grabbed Corinne to leave the company. She was afraid Corinne would change her mind.

In the car…

Since Corinne had received her pay, she immediately entered working mode as Sherlyn’s assistant and passed her a bottle of soda water. “Hey, Sherlyn, why are you so nervous? Here. Drink this and relax!”

Sherlyn was not in the mood because she felt like Corinne just scammed her.

She stared at Corinne in disgust. “I’m not nervous! What do you know? Don’t use your limited knowledge to conjecture my feelings!”

“You’re not nervous? Why were you in a hurry to pull me away from the company, then? Aren’t you afraid Mister Feldman is going to sign me?” Corinne provoked.

“Corinne Carew! Do you think you’re that amazing just because Mister Feldman wanted to sign you? You’re not going to get any exposure with your look and talent, even if you have an agency! I was afraid you’d bring shame to the family with that country bumpkin vibe!” Sherlyn scolded. Corinne raised her brow. “Is that so?”


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