The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 114

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 114

Chapter 114

and overseas attended this party.

Sherlyn had gone through a lot of effort just to obtain an invitation to the party, the reason being she knew Jeremy would attend the party, too.

After the incident during the wedding, she could not take her mind off the young master from the first-tier family. It had been her regret that she missed the chance by a little to marry him on that


‘It was a shame to miss that opportunity!’ she thought.

Moreover, she was curious about the girl who married Jeremy that day, having known the bride stayed in the same area as her.

There was very limited news about the Holdens on the internet. She also could not find Jeremy’s photo either. He was just too mysterious.

She wondered about Jeremy’s appearance. Therefore, she wanted to use tonight’s party to look

at him.


After Corinne changed into her prepared attire, Sherlyn nearly burst out laughing.

The dress she prepared for Corinne was an ugly-looking floral dress, and it looked as though it came straight out of a shop in the countryside.

She blamed Corinne for having a pretty face and was anguished that her bare face looked so clean, pure, and perfect even with no makeup on. If she did not ruin Corinne’s look, she was afraid Corinne would steal her spotlight, not to mention catch any rich people’s attention.

It was what happened with Mister Feldman at his office. He could not take his eyes off Corinne at all!

Sherlyn hated Corinne’s face ever since they were kids, and having seen Corinne dressed up like a country bumpkin comforted her a little.

She complimented sarcastically, “Not bad! I picked this for you. You’re going to wear this and go to the party with me!”

Corinne looked at herself in the mirror and said, “Thanks. It’s quite pretty.”

The makeup artist had a hard time suppressing her laughter. She whispered into Sherlyn’s ear and sneered, “Sherlyn, she thinks she looks good in it!”

Sherlyn smiled sarcastically. “She grew up in the country, so that’s her fashion taste. Jessy, put makeup on her-something unflattering but not too much. Otherwise, it’s going to be embarrassing for me to have her beside me.”

“Don’t worry, Sherlyn. I know what to do!”

Jessy smiled evilly and started putting makeup on Corinne to worsen her appearance. To please Sherlyn, she styled Corinne with two braids, drew freckles, and applied more blush to Corinne’s face. With those additional factors, Corinne looked even more hilarious and unsophisticated.

Sherlyn took a look at it and was very satisfied with the result.

At this moment, Corinne looked exactly like someone from the countryside. No man would lay his eyes on her!

The Lunar Century Manor was the most high-end urban manor situated within New Capital City. Those who could host a party were important people with high ranks, influence, and great power in the country.

Money could not buy the millionaire a chance to host an event here, and regular folks would never have the chance to be invited to this place.

Waitresses dressed in their uniforms stood outside the entrance to welcome every prestigious guest with smiles.

Sherlyn had dressed up in a black couture gown from a branded label. She walked right up glamorously in her high heels and passed the waitress her invitation card.

“Welcome, Miss Carew. Please enjoy your night.” The waitress smiled and raised her arm to lead the way for Sherlyn.

However, she stopped Corinne who was following behind her. “Ma’am, you’re not allowed to enter.

As Corinne got stopped, she raised her brow and explained, “I’m here with the lady in the front.”

The waitress was doubtful of Corinne’s words, mainly because of her unsophisticated style. Obviously, she was not convinced. “I’m sorry. This isn’t a place where you can sneak in. Please leave, or I’ll get security!”

Once Sherlyn had enough pleasure from this, she raised her chin proudly and said sympathetically, “It’s alright, let her in. She’s my assistant, and she needs to take care of me.”

The waitress was stunned as she looked back at Sherlyn and continued to examine Corinne doubtfully.

‘Miss Carew dresses so elegantly. Why did she bring such an ugly assistant with her?’ the waitress thought.

“Ah… I see!” the waitress smiled at Sherlyn apologetically.

Nonetheless, she still treated Corinne rudely. “Since you’re with Miss Carew, you’re allowed to go


Corinne glanced at the waitress faintly and followed Sherlyn into the venue calmly.

The banquet hall was designed with lavish and grand decorations, and a world-renowned pianist was playing the piano. The decoration all around the banquet hall exuded the aura of extravagance and luxury that could only be enjoyed by the nobles.

This was the first time for Sherlyn to be in the legendary Lunar Century Manor. She had heard many things about this place, but she never got a chance to sneak in and look,

The day finally arrived, fortunately, and the Lunar Century Manor’s extravagance exceeded her imagination.

She was once cast in a drama as a young miss from a rich family to attend a party. The production team would rent a banquet hall from a high-end hotel to film the scene. However, it could not even compare to a genuine high-end banquet hall.

As she regained her senses from the shock, she realized her reaction was too overwhelming. Thus, she quickly looked relaxed as if she had gotten used to attending the party here.

When she realized Corinne was also dumbstruck and zoning out, she smiled sarcastically.

She crossed her arms and sneered, “Look at how silly you are. It’s too shocking for you, isn’t it? If you didn’t come here with me, you’d never have the chance in your life to experience a high-end place like this!”

Corinne smiled and did not reply. Her memory brought her back to when Jeremy forced her here to get married. She was just lamenting how she lost three months of freedom after that day.


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