The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 115

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 115

Chapter 115

Suddenly, Sherlyn saw someone she knew among the guests. Her eyes widened as she said, ” Corinne, go find a place and stay there. I’m going to talk to a friend. Remember-don’t touch

anything. You can’t afford to pay if you broke it!”

Corinne nodded and said faintly, “Yes, I understand.

After that, Sherlyn took a glass of red wine and sashayed toward an elegant middle-aged man. She greeted and raised her glass with him. The middle-aged man was happy to see her there. His eyes looked passionate as they chatted in good spirits.

Back where Corinne was standing, she took a glass of juice from the buffet table and took a sip to hydrate her throat. Narrowing her eyes, she monitored every movement Sherlyn made.

‘It’s weird that Sherlyn knows someone from here, and they look very close to each other. Something’s going on between them. She must’ve gotten the invitation card to attend this party. here from that middle-aged man, too. The middle-aged man must be the reason why Sherlyn. could whitewash her image. He must’ve supported and funded her. Based on how she and Lilliana’s high-profile behavior, they would’ve used him if they knew him in the past and wouldn’t wait until now. That means they only got to know him now. But how?”

Just when Corinne was submerged in her thoughts, she heard snarky comments aimed her way.

“Look at that girl! Her fashion sense is a disaster!”

“Oh my god. Who let her in? She’s ruining Lunar Century Manor’s high-end quality with that outfit!”

“I agree! What was she thinking, wearing that outfit? And those unsophisticated braids!”

“Come on! Let’s go meet her. I wonder who she is!”

Soon, a group of pretty girls dressed in lavish gowns surrounded Corinne.

“Hey there, who are you here with?”

“We’re regulars that often attend parties here. How come we’ve never seen you before?”

Corinne was pulled back to reality. She raised her brow as she looked at them before she turned to walk away, not wanting to entertain them.

The rich girls felt offended by Corinne’s action and went after her angrily.

“Hey, we asked you something!”

Corinne looked calm. “What was the question?”

“We’re asking if you have the invitation card to be here.”

“No,” Corinne answered.

“Then how did you sneak in here?”

“By walking in here,” Corinne said.

“Then do you know who is hosting this party?” one of the girls asked.


“I don’t.” Corinne did not pay attention to the girls and took a piece of cake from the dessert table. She could be bothered to deal with those girls who had nothing better to do.

The rich girls concluded that all Corinne wanted to do was eat and drink.

“So you snuck in here to get a free meal!”

“No wonder. Your outfit is so ugly!”

“Are you going to see yourself out, or do we have to get security to send you out?”

Corinne remained calm and continued indulging in the cake. “I’m not leaving.”

“You’re not leaving? It’s not up to you!”

“Hey! This girl snuck in here!”

“Where’s security? Hurry over now!”

“What’s wrong? What are you girls shouting at?” a deep male voice sounded from behind the girls.


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