The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 116

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 116

Chapter 116

Caught off-guard by the voice, the wealthy girls turned to look back, and their haughty expressions immediately simmered down.

“Oh, it’s Mister Sunny!”

“Mister Sunny, you’re here!”

“Hi, Mister Sunny!”

Corinne looked over, too.

The person they were calling was Sunny, who went to the art gallery with Francine to catch her having a nonexistent affair. He was wearing a white tuxedo looking like a young noble with his handsome face and slim tall frame.

He came over and frowned in disgust. “Why are you girls shouting? It’s so noisy!”

One of the rich girls stepped forward and pointed at Corinne. “Mister Sunny, we didn’t do it on purpose. This girl here wore an ugly outfit and snuck in here to get a free meal. We were just asking her to leave.”

“That’s right. The Riveras’ manor is a high-class place. How could we allow such a person to come in here and degrade it?”

“Mister Sunny, you’re here just in time. Ask the security to kick her out!”

Sunny lifted his chin and looked at them contemptuously. “Who told you you’re not allowed here in the manor just because her outfit is ugly? Everyone has the freedom to wear whatever they want. You girls shouldn’t be busybodies!”

The rich girls were stunned. They thought they were on the right side because they did it for the better good of the manor. Instead of getting complimented by Sunny as they expected, however, they got scolded.

“B-But she really did sneak in here…”

“Yeah! She didn’t have an invitation card!”

Their whines fell on deaf ears as Sunny said, “If she was able to come in here, it meant she has the right to do so. Do you think the security team in the manor are a bunch of useless people who’d let anyone in?”

“I… We’re sorry, we didn’t think it through.”

“Yes. We have no right to be stuffing our noses in the manor’s operation…”

“Sorry, Mister Sunny. Please forgive us.”

The girls left after Sunny rebuked them heavily.

Sunny snorted before turning to look at the bullied woman. “Alright, you’re fine now. You don’t have to worry about them. They’re just snobbish and vain people.”

Corinne nodded. “Alright. Thank you.”


“It’s nothing.” Sunny replied nonchalantly and walked away.

Suddenly, he realized something was wrong.

‘Why does she sound so familiar?’ he thought.

He stopped and looked back again. This time, he recognized her. “Corinne? Is that you?”

Corinne chuckled. “Hi!”

Immediately, Sunny frowned in disgust. “Why the heck are you wearing that?”

Corinne replied, “Because I want to. I’m free to wear anything I want. That’s what you said.”

Sunny snorted unhappily. “If I knew it was you, I would’ve let them kick you out!”

Corinne laughed and thought he had an interesting personality.

He was not trying to strike up a conversation with her nor showing his status when he helped her dispel the girls harassing her. It was just purely because he was a kind person to help a person in need.

Yet, he immediately changed his attitude when he found out who she was.

The reason why Sunny disliked her greatly was that Jeremy used to be in a relationship with his sister. Thus, Corinne was, to him, his sister’s love rival and wanted to help his sister get rid of her.

At the end of the day, though, Sunny was not a bad person.

Just then, Sunny asked, “Did you come here with Jeremy?”

The moment Corinne heard that name, she got frustrated and furrowed her brow. “Is he here, too?” Sunny was baffled. “If you didn’t come here with Jeremy, how did you come in?


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