The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 117

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 117

Chapter 117

Corinne then answered Sunny, albeit trying to be playfully proud, “I’m not telling you.”

Sunny shot her an angry stare. “Hmph! Fine. I don’t have the time to waste on you, either. I’m going to teach you a lesson sooner or later!”

He quickly walked away as if he had something urgent on his plate.

Corinne looked around to search for Sherlyn but could not find her. Sherlyn and the middle-aged man had gone somewhere she could not see. She tried searching for them but came out empty- handed.

Instead, she saw a few boys around Sunny’s age chasing after Sunny.

“I see Sunny! He’s running to that side!”

“After him!”

“Stop running away like a coward, Sunny Rivera! Be a man!”

Sunny rushed outside, but the boys managed to catch up to him and trapped him in the hallway.

“Are you not a man, Sunny Rivera? Are you going to deny that you lost?”

Without a chance to escape, Sunny stood his ground vehemently, shooting them a stare. “I did not!


“Then admit that you lost the competition to us and own up to your side of your bargain!”

Sunny refused to comply. “I didn’t lose! You guys cheated!”

The leader smiled roguishly. “We never say cheating was disallowed when we first made the agreement.”

He took out a paper with their bet written on it and waved at Sunny. “It’s written here clearly, and you’ve signed it! We agreed to compete in the game. You promised you’d transfer the ownership of Lunar Century Manor to my family if you lost!”

Sunny panicked. “Yes, my family owns Lunar Century Manor, but I don’t have the authority to transfer it…”

The opposing boy’s name was Yash, and he was a member of the Hoyts. He gave Sunny a contemptuous look and snorted. “Then why did you gamble with it when you have no say in it? You said you have total control over everything in your family, didn’t you? So you were just bluffing, after all!”

Sunny’s face blushed as he said angrily, “You guys tricked me. I would’ve never lost had you not done that!”

“Just admit that you lost! Stop looking for excuses!” Yash scoffed. “You don’t have the say in this, do you? Fine. I’m not going to make it difficult for you since our families know each other way back, so kneel and bark like a dog. I’ll tear this paper in front of you and scratch it off if you do.”

“You…” Sunny’s eyes turned red.

“Are you going to do it or not? If not, I can bring this paper and go have a talk with your father or your brother. I’m looking forward to finding out if all the men in your family are the same people who won’t keep their end of the bargain!”

“No, don’t!” Sunny panicked. He did not want his father or brother to be threatened by these jerks just because of the trouble he created.

“Fine! I’ll do it…”

He took a deep breath and decided to raise a white flag-but he immediately perked up like a threatened porcupine with raised quills.

“In your dreams!”

Sunny’s fist slammed into Yash, who then pushed him to the wall. “F*ck you! How dare you punch me? Hit him! Hit him until he begs for mercy!”

When one of the boys’ fists slammed against his abdomen, he fell to the ground and grabbed at his stomach. The pain was so excruciating that he was sweating nonstop.

Yash laughed arrogantly. “Bark and beg for mercy, and I will let you go!”

Sunny curled up on the floor, but he stared at Yash stubbornly with gritted teeth. “Never!”

“Refusing to obey, huh? Hit him! Hit him hard!”

“Ahh-!” Sunny shouted in pain.

All of a sudden…

“Let go of him,” rang a calm, distant female voice.

Yash and the other boys stopped hitting Sunny and looked back.

It was a woman who dressed like a country bumpkin.


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