The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 120

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 120

Chapter 120

Yash and his friends comfortably sat on the couch, knowing they were going to win the game. He sneered at Sunny when he saw how sour he looked-like the sore loser he was.

“Sunny Rivera, I was going to be kind and let you go if you were willing to bark like a dog, but you made the wrong choice. You’re going to lose Lunar Century Manor to me, but you’re still going to bark like a dog-and this time on a live stream. You asked for this. Bear in mind I didn’t push you into this!”

Although Sunny was not confident, there was no turning back for him. The least he could do was act tough and rebuked with gritted teeth, “The game hasn’t started yet. We don’t know for sure who’s going to win!”

Yash snorted. “Don’t cry when you bark during the live stream!”

Sunny gave his everything. “Stop talking crap and start the game!”

Everyone took out their phone and opened the game.

Since Yash and his friends had five people, they made a team themselves. Corinne and Sunny. waited for the system to pair them up with random players.

Soon, three players joined and formed a team successfully. The random players’ usernames were King Maple, Little Rain Drop, and Gadget Man.

The game started.

Sunny was not optimistic about his team members and the situation. He was tense, nervous, and had no confidence. It did not help that his hands were sweating.

When he finally saw the three random players’ level, his eyes bugged out of their sockets as hope filled his eyes. He even rubbed his eyes to see if he was hallucinating.

He was sure his eyes did not lie to him. The three random players were highly skilled experts!

‘Yes! Even God is on my side! I teamed up with highly skilled players!’ he exclaimed.

Finally, he felt he had a chance in winning the game. He whispered to Corinne, “I’m so d*mn lucky! We teamed up with three players that have maxed out the level! Corinne, all you have to do is. make sure that you won’t be a burden, and we can win this! Stay in the back and listen to my instructions!”

Corinne, however, ignored this and played on her own terms. She bypassed her teammates and aimed straight for the enemies.

“Did you hear what I said? Go to the back!”

Sunny was infuriated Corinne did not listen to him. Without much of a choice, he moved his

character to follow Corinne, intending to protect her.

However, he was dumbstruck after seeing how Corinne played.

[First blood!]


[Double kill!]

[Triple kill!]

[Quadra kill!]

[Penta kill!]

With a ‘Level 1’ label on top of Corinne’s character, she managed to kill five enemies right at the start of the game!

‘S-She doesn’t look like a level-one player to me!”

Once again, Sunny was dumbstruck as his eyes widened and his jaw slackened. Instantly, he saw a different side of Corinne, one that he never knew.

However, this was not the time to be curious.

As he confirmed Corinne was not going to be a burden, he was assured and concentrated on the game.

From the beginning, Yash and his friends had been arrogant, but they grew worried when they saw the random players on Sunny’s team. At this moment, what was left in their hearts was anxiousness. They had no idea how to win the game when they had no way to fight back!

In the end, Corinne and Sunny won the game.

The game ended.

Yash smashed his phone to the floor angrily.

Sunny was over the moon on his victory. Thus, he extended his hand.

“You lost! Give me that paper now!”


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