The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 122

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 122

Chapter 122

Corinne could not help but recall Jeremy’s attitude toward her. He made it abundantly clear that he could give her everything except his feelings during the three months of their agreement. That alone was proof that he only had feelings for Sunny’s sister.

Her expression turned dark, and she chuckled. “Thank you for your reminder, but I’m not interested in making friends with a kid.” She then walked away at a leisurely pace.

Sunny was unhappy that his offer to make friends with her had been ruthlessly rejected, so he followed Corinne resentfully and lashed out, “Who are you calling a kid, Corinne? I’m not a kid! I’m not!”

Corinne ignored his pestering and allowed him to follow her out. She strolled slowly and began looking for Sherlyn in the banquet hall. After searching for some time, Sherlyn was still nowhere to be found, so she walked over to a swing chair made of rattan by the floor-to-ceiling window and sat there for a moment. Since the chair was facing the windows, she had the luxury of admiring Lunar Century Manor’s most beautiful scenery when she looked out.

The lush roses planted in the gardens and the beautiful fountain erected looked breathtakingly stunning under the moonlight. When she looked up, she saw the full moon bestowing its faint. glow on the sea of flowers in the garden. The place was not just luxurious and high-end in terms of the money being poured into it, but it also was also tastefully designed through the conception of romantic artistry. Those qualities explained why famous families in the city were so eager to hold important banquets such as weddings there.

Corinne never liked attending banquets, but she somehow liked it there and felt an indescribable sensation in her heart.

“Corinne! I’m talking to you! Are you listening?” Sunny was prattling on and on beside her, saying things like ‘I’m being courteous by my willingness to make friends with you’, ‘Don’t be ungrateful’, or ‘You need to make friends with me, or you’re implying that you look down on me. The list went

Corinne turned a deaf ear to his words and looked up at the round moon in the sky. She suddenly remembered something and asked, “Sunny, you said that Lunar Century Manor has a special meaning to your family. What’s that special meaning?”

Although his request to be friends with her had not yet been approved, Sunny had unilaterally and proudly regarded Corinne as his friend. Since she was his friend, she did not hesitate to answer her questions..

“This is the manor my father built for my sister. She likes lively places, but there aren’t many

people around here usually, and it’s pretty deserted. My father therefore decided to make an exception and allow people to hold banquets here just to keep the place lively. Luna. That’s my sister’s name.”

Corinne narrowed her eyes lazily. “Luna. That’s a nice name. Is she the apple of Jeremy’s eye?”

Sunny answered, “No! I have two older sisters. The one who has a relationship with Jeremy is my second sister, Crescentia. My eldest sister is Luna, but she’s not around anymore, unfortunately.



Lunar Century Manor was built in her honor.”

Corinne raised an eyebrow. “Not around? Do you mean…she passed away?”

Sunny shook his head and had a slightly lonely expression. “I don’t know. I had never met her before. I heard from other family members that she was lost when she was very young, so yeah… She’s probably gone now.”

Corinne frowned slightly upon realizing her question touched on a sensitive topic. “I’m sorry. I

shouldn’t have asked.”

Sunny’s emotions changed rapidly, and his loneliness disappeared as he remarked sprightly, “It’s fine. You’re my friend, after all!”

Corinne was speechless. She did not recall agreeing to be friends with him just yet.

At that moment, Felix-the Riveras’ servant-hurried over and had a look of relief. “Sir! You’re here We found you at last!”

Sunny turned around and looked petulantly at Felix. Why are you looking for me?”

Just as Felix was about to explain the situation, he looked up and saw the injury on Sunny’s fac He therefore put that aside for the moment and said in horror, “Sir! What happened to you? Ho did you get injured?”


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