The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 124

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 124

Chapter 124

Corinne frowned when she heard that name. “Do I have to go there with you? Can’t I choose to skip this?”

Sherlyn saw Corinne’s displeased expression and lashed out sharply, “Know where you stand,

Corinne! You’re my assistant now, so you have to do whatever I ask you to! You can’t just take a one-thousand-and-five-hundred-dollar salary and assume that you can pick and choose what I assign you to do!”

Corinne massaged the top of her nose bridge. “Fine.” The thought of meeting Jeremy again gave her a headache, but Sherlyn showed no intention of letting her off work just yet. ‘I’ll go. Jeremy might not necessarily notice me with this kind of clothes I’m wearing today.’

“Sherlyn.” The middle-aged man from earlier walked over slowly and called out to her. He was none other than Sherlyn’s so-called ‘godfather’.

“Sherlyn, Mister Jeremy and the others are upstairs. Let me bring you over to introduce you.”

Sherlyn got up happily from the swing chair. “Coming! Thanks, Goran!”

Goran looked at his ‘goddaughter’ with a smile, but that smile disappeared when he noticed Corinne following her. “Who’s this, Sherlyn? And why is she dressed like that?”

Sherlyn glanced at Corinne in disdain, then turned to explain obediently, “She’s my assistant!”

The elegant and gentlemanly Goran glanced at Corinne with a disgusted, disparaging gaze. “Why did

you hire an assistant like that? It’s unsightly for someone with her fashion sense to hang. around you all the time. I’ll help you hire a more decent one next time!”

Sherlyn shook her head. “She grew up in the countryside, and I hired her when I saw that she had difficulty finding a job. It’s really sad.”

Goran was touched and immediately lavished praise on her. “You’re such a kind soul.”

Sherlyn smiled coquettishly and took Goran’s arm. “Don’t worry about my assistant anymore, okay? Hurry up and bring me to meet Mister Jeremy!”

“Okay, I’ll bring you there now.”

A mocking expression appeared in Corinne’s eyes as she watched Sherlyn’s contrived performance and followed them.

They left the lively banquet area and went up to a quiet and graceful tea room. Four distinguished men were chatting lazily around an antique tea table, while a professional tea brewer was brewing some tea for them on the table.

Goran led Sherlyn in and walked up to the men. He bowed at them and greeted them warmly,” Mister Jeremy, Mister Zeke, Mister Gerald, and Mister Jason! I didn’t expect to get the honor of seeing all four of the four great families’ eldest sons sitting here together!”

Zeke sipped his tea leisurely from an antique porcelain cup and raised his head to glance at them.

He responded with a smile, “Ah, it’s you, Goran! What masterpieces will you be releasing this time?”

Goran waved his hands modestly and said, “None so far! I have plans to make a new movie, but I haven’t chosen the cast yet! I hope you don’t me being a little shameless in asking whether any of you are interested in investing in the new movie!”

Though he was acclaimed as a leading veteran artist in the industry, Goran still bowed in front of true capitalist blue-bloods. After all, he needed to show that he was humble enough if he wanted to attract investment for his films.

Zeke said politely, “You’re too modest! Your past movies have raked in a box office revenue of more than ten million. I can’t think of why you’d have difficulty getting investors. The way I see it, you’re just deliberately saving that investment opportunity for us so we can make money!”

True, many people wanted to invest in his films, but many of those rich people wanted to interfere with his creations with the excuse of having invested some money into them. They would try to meddle with his decisions and cause needless trouble for him. By contrast, the richest young men in the business world were more generous, and most of them had a very carefree character. They generally did not interfere with the contents of his film and would not mind as much even if they lost money.

Goran hurriedly shook his head and humbled himself, saying, “I can never compare to folks like you! What little money I earn from filming is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the four of you!”

Zeke saw the woman next to Goran and narrowed his eyes. “Is this your new lead girl, Goran?”

Goran took advantage of the opportunity to bring Sherlyn to the front and introduce her. “This is my goddaughter, Sherlyn. She’s a well-known celebrity and also the lead actress in my next movie.”

Zeke smiled and praised him. “You have a good eye, Mister Goran! The beauties you choose to be your lead actresses all have a unique aura and are exceptionally gorgeous!”


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