The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 125

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 125

Chapter 125

Sherlyn was incredibly happy to receive such praise, but because she had not raised her head since coming in, she had no idea what the man who praised her looked like. Earlier, Goran advised her before they went in that she would be more likable to those young men if she showed an innocent and youthful attitude.

Goran patted her on the shoulder and said to her, “Sherlyn, this is Mister Zeke Callen. Say hi to him!

“Hello, Mister Zeke.” Sherlyn then raised her head slightly and smiled coquettishly. She was greeted by the sight of an extraordinarily -handsome young man. He seemed to be a somewhat frivolous character with dashing facial features and a debonair aura to him.

He was so much more handsome than any actor she has ever worked with before!

Goran continued to introduce her to the next person. “Sherlyn, this is Mister Gerald Lemington, president of Lemington Group.”

“Hi there, Mister Gerald.”

Gerald nodded and sipped his tea.

“This man over here is the host of today’s banquet, Mister Jason Talbot.”

“Hello, Mister Jason.”

Jason smiled in return.

As Goran introduced the men to Sherlyn, she looked at each one of them with ever-growing amazement in her eyes. ‘Oh, God! These men aren’t just rich and powerful-each person is even more handsome than the last!”

Finally, Goran led Sherlyn to Jeremy, who was sitting in the middle. He spoke a little more formally than before as he introduced, “This is Mister Jeremy, president of Holden Group. Holden Group is in charge of the company you just signed for, which makes him your immediate superior.”

“Hi, Mister Jeremy.” She finally reached the man she wanted to meet the most. When Sherlyn looked up excitedly, her pupils trembled, and she was in awe of what she saw.

‘Is this the same Jeremy whom I nearly married? He’s…divine!’

He had a cold and arrogant aura, a charismatic character, and features as delicate as a sculpture. set in stone. Had he not blinked, she would never have believed that he was a real human being.

Jeremy did not even look at them and had an indifferent look on his face as he turned and chatted with Gerald.

Goran and Sherlyn were a little embarrassed when they were given the cold treatment.

Zeke smiled and said, “Please have a seat and tell us all about the theme of your new movie.”

“Oh, uh…thank you very much, Mister Zeke.”

Goran beckoned Sherlyn to sit with him, and Sherlyn’s little assistant obediently followed them as

they went over.

Corinne kept her head down throughout like a servant in front of a king. She seemed to keep to herself out of apparent fear that she would be overstepping her place by looking around, but in truth, she was simply afraid of being noticed by those men. After all, it was not just Jeremy who knew her-all the other men there have seen her before too. She did not want any of them to recognize her!


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