The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 127

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 127

Chapter 127

“Yes, yes she is!” Sherlyn replied sweetly, her heart throbbing.

‘Oh, God! Mister Jeremy just talked to me! His voice is so magnetic, and it sounds so good… But it’s pissing me off that he only talked to me because he wanted to ask about Corinne!”

Hearing Sherlyn’s affirmative response, Jeremy’s expression sank. He glowered as he looked at Corinne unhappily.

Zeke turned around and glanced at his good friend with intrigue. Although he did not know what was going on between the couple, he could never miss the opportunity to tease his friend’s wife. A wicked smile appeared on his lips as he asked, “So, do you know how to brew tea?”

Corinne shook her head without looking up.

Sherlyn frowned and felt very upset that these handsome upper-class men were all paying attention to Corinne. She interrupted with a smile, “Mister Zeke, my assistant is from the countryside, and you can tell by the clothes on her body that she doesn’t have any taste. She can’t possibly understand something as cultured as brewing specialty tea!”

Zeke smiled nonchalantly. “It doesn’t matter whether or not she does. Just let her brew us some tea! We’ve grown tired of watching the professionals brew our tea, and it’d be so much more interesting for a plain girl to do it!”

“Ah, well…” Sherlyn was befuddled. Corinne had been dressed up in the ugliest way possible, and her makeup was done hideously as well. What could be so attractive about her that made these. men stare at her non-stop?

Sherlyn could not refuse anymore after Zeke made such a specific request. She had no choice but to smile and turn to look at Corinne before shooting her a gloomy glare. “Don’t just stand there now that Mister Zeke has given you such courtesy. Go up there and learn how to make tea for them!”

Although Corinne did not want to go, she had no choice but to do so. With a sigh, she walked obediently to take the place of the tea brewer, who duly stepped aside for her. Corinne knew in her heart that Zeke intentionally made that request to give her a hard time, which proved that they did recognize her after all.

She remained calm, brewed tea according to standard practice, and casually made a pot of tea with the equipment available. She then poured out four cups and served them to the four men sitting at the tea table.

The last cup was served to Jeremy, who was sitting in the middle. Throughout the entire time, she kept her head down and did not look at any of them. After all, the lack of eye contact precluded the need for verbal communication, and that could prevent Sherlyn from finding out that they knew each other.

Just as she was about to serve the last cup of tea to Jeremy, she was stopped halfway by the man’s big hand before she could complete her action. The man seemed to be raising his hand to take the teacup from her, but his rough fingertips were pressing so tightly on her fingertips that the two of them were struggling against each other on the small teacup. Corinne could not

withdraw her hand from the teacup at all.

“Lift your face.” The man’s voice was unusually calm, but it was very stern nonetheless.

Corinne did not heed his instruction to look up, and in her annoyance, she vied with him to get him to release his grip.

Letting Sherlyn find out that they knew each other was the last thing that Corinne wanted.

Knowing Sherlyn’s temperament, she would definitely act up after finding out that Corinne knew those men.

Sherlyn felt jealous and defensive when she saw Jeremy staring at Corinne in such a manner and touching her hand. Sensing that something was wrong, Sherlyn could not take it anymore and asked suspiciously, “Why are you staring at my assistant so intently, Mister Jeremy? Do you know her?”

Jeremy looked at Corinne and opened his lips as if to say something.


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