The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 129

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 129

Chapter 129

“It’s been a while, Corinne,” greeted the man.

Corinne’s first thought was to turn and look at Jeremy. That was when she realized that he was sipping tea leisurely without looking in her direction. Meanwhile, Sherlyn and Goran were still chatting away happily and flattering Jeremy. The two of them synchronized with each other and were practically finishing each other’s sentences as if she was not within earshot of them. In truth, she could hear them very clearly from where she was.

Corinne turned around and nodded earnestly at Jason but did not accept the glass of orange juice he offered. “Thanks, but I don’t feel like drinking that right now.”

Jason smiled without feeling a hint of awkwardness and bent over gracefully to put the orange juice on the coffee table in front of Corinne. He then took his seat right beside her.

When Corinne realized that Jason had sat down, she glanced sideways at him and frowned slightly. “May I ask why you’re here?”

Jason smiled and said, “No reason in particular. I’m just not that interested in film investments, so I thought I’d find a nice quiet place here.”

“Oh, make yourself comfortable.” Corinne lowered her eyes and continued to play her game as if no one else was around.

Jason was speechless.

Although he had experienced her arrogance first-hand, he still felt a little uncomfortable when he treated her that coldly.

He was a desirable man, and no woman ever ignored him since he was young. It was therefore a rather refreshing experience when Corinne was cold toward him. He narrowed his sexy eyes at Corinne with intrigue thoughtfully for a moment before asking, “Am I overthinking it, or are you and Jeremy unlike normal couples?”

Corinne froze as she was playing her game and looked up at him. “What are the standards by. which you measure how ‘normal’ a couple is?”

The glee in Jason’s eyes grew stronger, and he answered carefully, “At the very least, I don’t think it’s supposed to be like how you two are acting right now. It’s like you’re both strangers with no sense of intimacy at all.”

Corinne curled her lips in a smirk. “That’s just how we are as a couple. Single people like you will never understand.”

“Is that so…” The smile on Jason’s lips froze to reveal the calmness and elegance engraved in him. At the same time, he could help from being taken aback by the girl in front of him. She had a very sharp tongue, and she could leave one speechless as soon as she opened her mouth.

A sudden thought occurred to Corinne, and she raised her chin to gesture at Goran. “By the way, do you know who that man is? Is he amazing?”

Jason looked over and nodded slightly. “Goran’s a well-known director here in the country. He’s

very arrogant when it comes to his abilities, and every movie he makes has to be on a grand scale with an investment of tens of millions. Then again, he is very talented. The movies he makes are usually all blockbusters.”

Corinne then asked, “Then, do you know anything about his personal life?”

“Not really. All I’ve heard is that his wife and children are living abroad.”

“I see. Thanks for letting me know.” Corinne then lowered her head once more and continued her game.

As for Sherlyn’s ‘godfather’, even the slightest information on him was enough. She could always let Aaron investigate further. It was probably not by chance that someone of Sherlyn’s subpar professional ability could rub shoulders with a well-known director like Goran who placed extremely high standards on his work.

It was likely that Lilliana and Sherlyn had done shady deeds for the sake of achieving fame and fortune.


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