The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 130

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 130

Chapter 130

Jason sipped his tea pensively and remained silent for a while before asking Corinne, “Why would the dignified Missus Holden take up a job as an assistant for a celebrity? Doesn’t Jeremy give you any money to spend?”

Corinne played her game absent-mindedly and replied casually, “It’s a hobby. Money’s not the

issue here.”

Jason’s sexy face turned serious. “I asked you this out of concern, Corinne. You can always tell me

face any problems. I might be able to help you.”

if you

‘Help me?’ Jason seemed to enjoy striking up a conversation with her using the excuse of ‘I can help you if you face any problems’.

Corinne raised an eyebrow as a sly look flashed across her eyes.

She quit the game, put away her phone, then raised her head and looked earnestly at Jason. As she blinked her bright beautiful eyes, she asked, “Will you really help me if I’m in trouble, Jason the Kind Samaritan? Don’t just talk.”

‘Jason the Kind Samaritan?’ Jason was speechless at the unexpected long nickname. “Of course. As long as it’s within my ability.”

“It’s definitely within your ability.”

“What is it, then?”

Corinne had a slight smirk and answered him without much ado, “Do you still remember the three paintings of Nellie Nymphaea I saw in your gallery the other day? How about selling those three paintings to me?”

The smile on Jason’s face froze. He had planned on tricking her out of curiosity, but she was the one who turned the tables on him.

‘She’s an interesting one.’ Jason chuckled and said, “Let’s not talk about whether or not I’m willing to sell. The question is, are you sure an assistant like you has the money to buy those three paintings from me?”

Corinne had a determined look in her eyes. “I can get the money as long as you’re willing to sell it to me.”

Jason cocked an eyebrow. “Where are you going to get the money from? Are you going to ask your husband for it? Are you confident he’ll give it to you? And besides, why would he be willing to

you be someone else’s assistant if he does give you money?”


Corinne could tell that he was trying to test her relationship with Jeremy. He seemed to be a little too curious for his good.

“You don’t need to worry about where my money comes from,” replied Corinne. “You just need to tell me if you’re willing to sell the painting.”

“They’re not for sale.”

Jason’s unhesitant reply made her expression darken, and she could not hide her disappointment.

Those works were painted when her mother was still young, and Corinne desperately wanted them for her collection. However, there was nothing she could do about it if he did not want to sell. It was not like she could rob them from him.

“I can give it to you for free, though, ” Jason suddenly added nonchalantly.

Corinne was happy for a brief moment before wariness settled in her system. “What’s your condition?”

Jason had a look of admiration and could not help but laugh out loud. Corinne might look naive, but she was in fact smart and quick-witted. She was hardly the kind of woman who could be coaxed with just a couple of words.

Jason lifted the teacup in his hand and shook it lightly before saying with a smile, “It’s easy. Just have a drink with me, and I’ll give you those three paintings. Does that sound good?”

He was a troublemaker at heart under his smiling guise.

Corinne frowned. “Not now. Another day.”

Jason smiled and asked knowingly, “Why not? Is it because your husband is here?”

‘Duh! It’s precisely because Jeremy is here!’ Although Corinne and Jeremy were not a real couple, Jeremy remained very concerned about the way she carried herself in front of others and would not allow her to do anything that even remotely suggested she was cheating on him within the three months.


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