The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 131

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 131

Chapter 131

If Corinne shared a drink with another man, It would be equivalent to walking blindfolded into Jeremy’s minefield. The consequences would be disastrous, so the plan could not be executed.

After giving it some thought, Corinne tried to bargain with Jason. “How about another time? I’ll drink as many cups with you as you want.”

Jason was unmoved. “No can do. It’s either now or never. Time waits for no man…or woman.”

‘D*mn him!’ Corinne felt a little embarrassed and turned to look at Jeremy. He was still drinking tea while facing the other side and was not paying attention to her at all.

She looked back at Jason and eventually confirmed with him. “Let me get this straight. You’ll give me Nellie Nymphaea’s works for free as long as I drink with you, correct?”

Jason smiled and nodded without hesitation. “I’ll have them sent with you immediately if you can do it.”

Corinne turned around and looked at the tea table again. Jeremy was still as languid as ever as he faced the other side. He seemed to show no interest in looking at her.

She might not be discovered if she could get it over with it quickly.

Corinne pulled out all the stops to get her mother’s three paintings and picked up the glass of orange juice on the coffee table. “Alright. I’ll drink with you.”

Jason froze for a moment and was surprised she agreed to his request. ‘Does she want those three paintings that much, even at the expense of agreeing to my unreasonable request? Who is Nellie Nymphaea to her?”

When Jason saw the determination in Corinne’s dainty face to go all out for the painting, his eyes flickered slightly as a half-smile appeared on his face. His interest was piqued, and he took the teacup in his hand and slowly moved toward the cup of juice in her hand.

Their cups touched lightly, and their bodies leaned forward too as they got closer and closer to each other. With their gazes locked on each other, they were about to toast when all of a sudden-

“I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid… To take a stand, to take a stand… It’s been a ride… Everybody….

Her cell phone rang, and the ringtone startled everyone.

Corinne instinctively withdrew the hand that held the orange juice and looked down at the phone. The caller ID that was displayed turned out to be Jeremy.

‘Did he see me?”

Corinne’s blood ran cold, and when she turned around to look, she saw none other than the man’s sullen gaze. Her ringtone had been too loud, and everyone in the tea room looked at her too, including Sherlyn.

However, Sherlyn did not know who it was that called her, so she shot her a glare. She probably did not like Corinne’s ugly ringtone and felt that it was embarrassing.

Jeremy’s face was cold and stern, and he put his phone to his ear while staring threateningly at


Her only option was to answer it. Corinne frowned and answered it bravely.

“Come here.” His voice on the other end of the line was calm-terrifyingly so.

If she replied or went there, Sherlyn would surely know that Jeremy was calling her. Sherlyn would then know that they knew each other, thus revealing their relationship.

The entire Carew family would find out too if Sherlyn found out, and Corinne’s days would no longer be peaceful if that were to happen.

She calmed down, turned around, and said to Jason, “Please excuse me. I need to answer the phone.”

Then, Corinne put down the orange juice in her hand and got up to walk out of the room. After leaving, she walked a little further before replying, “I’m not going there! If there’s anything you want to say, please come out of the tea room!”


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