The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 134

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 134

Chapter 134

“I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid… To take a stand, to take a stand… It’s been a ride… Everybody…”

Corinne snapped back to her senses when her phone suddenly rang, and the suggestive atmosphere between her and Jeremy disappeared in a second.

As she faced the man’s long dark eyes, she backed away uncomfortably and took out her cell phone to look at the caller ID. It turned out to be Sherlyn. Before she could answer the phone, Sherlyn’s voice sounded outside the restroom, and there was a knock on the restroom door.

“I know you’re in there, Corinne. I heard your horrendous ringtone coming from inside! Come out of here right now! Stop slacking off, hiding in the restroom!”

Corinne frowned, looked up at the man, and shrugged her shoulders while saying, “Did you hear that? Sherlyn’s looking for me. I need to go out.”

Jeremy looked down at her and did not react.

Corinne moved off him, thought for a moment, and then said, “Wait here, and don’t go out after me. If she sees us inside the same restroom, explaining things will be impossible.” As soon as she said that, she turned around and prepared to go out when his hand that was still on her waist pulled her closer instead. She slammed back into the man’s arms, and her back hit his chest.

Jeremy lowered his body, leaned close to her ear, and warned in a stern voice, “Don’t drink with other men.”

Corinne’s mind was blank for a moment as she replied, “Understood.”

Even if she did not see the man’s expression at that moment, she could still feel the strong possessive desire coming from him.

However, that possessiveness stemmed out of his pet peeve and not because he desired her in other ways.

She understood that point well, but she still felt an inexplicable irritation in her heart.

The situation could be likened to the surface of a lake that reverted to calmness after someone casually threw a stone into it and caused ripples to form on the water’s surface. Though there were no longer any disturbances in the water, the stone that fell into the water sank to the bottom. of the lake and would stay there forever.

Corinne walked out of the restroom.

Sherlyn folded her arms proudly and scolded impatiently, “You’re such a slacker, Corinne! I can’t believe you hid in the restroom under the pretext of making a phone call! I don’t pay you to laze around, you know!”

Corinne yawned tiredly. “It’s already half past ten. No matter how high you’re paying me, I think it’s about time I get off work.”

Sherlyn snorted in disdain and shot back angrily, “Where did you get the decency to tell me you’re signing off work? I haven’t even taken you to apologize for scalding Mister Jeremy’s hand with the hot tea you spilled! Don’t you have any idea how serious the consequences will be if you offend

him? It’ll be your fault if he refuses to invest in my new movie today!”

Corinne had a nonchalant expression. “I’ve already apologized to him, and if I need to take further responsibility, I can bear the cost of buying him an ointment to treat his burns. Whatever happens after that has nothing to do with me. I told you that I didn’t want to go with you, but you insisted. and even ordered me to pour tea for them.”

“You…” Sherlyn was momentarily at a loss for words.


Corinne stretched her arms and waist. “If that’s all, I’m getting off work today! See ya!” She walked away leisurely and went downstairs, not planning on returning to the tea room either because it was absolutely pointless.

“Did I say you could leave work? Come back here, Corinne! Stop right there, you hear me?!” Sherlyn glared at her and stomped.

Corinne merely ignored her and went downstairs without looking back.

Sherlyn gritted her teeth angrily. Had she not been prevented from leaving because she had to wait for Goran, she would have caught up with that little wench and given her an earful. Corinne was just an unruly girl who grew up in the countryside without a mother’s love and care!

As Sherlyn stared fiercely at Corinne’s back and muttered a few profanities, she turned around and wanted to head back to the tea room when she happened to see Jeremy striding out gracefully from the restroom.


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