The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 136

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 136

Chapter 136

Jeremy went back to the tea room and sat for a while longer.

Goran was still going on with the script of his new movies. All the while, he had been talking to himself because the rest of the four people were talking to each other. Until the very end, none of them actually paid attention to Goran.

I guess I’m not getting any investment funds from these four people today… Goran thought.

He looked at the time helplessly. It was getting late if he continued to hold on to them he might. irritate them even more. Without a choice, he got up, used a glorified excuse to bid goodbye to them together with Sherlyn, and left the room.

When there were no outsiders in the room, Zeke joked amusingly, “Hey, Jeremy. Where’s your


Jason was also curious. “Yeah, Jeremy. Where is Corinne?”

‘Corinne? When is Jason so close with Corinne?’ Jeremy thought.

He raised his brow and looked at the man. “Do you have something to do with her?”

With an appealing face, Zeke asked, “Nothing. I’m just curious why she wants to work as a celebrity assistant. Come on, Jeremy. She’s your wife. Why are you letting her work?”

Jeremy took a sip of his tea nonchalantly. “She likes to experience a different life, and she’s free to do anything she wants to. I won’t interfere with it.”

Zeke pretended to sound surprised. “Geez, Jeremy, I only know now that you’re such a caring and considerate guy!”

Jeremy gave him a cold glare. “F*ck you.”

Jason smiled. “Jeremy, I was just joking with Corinne just now. I didn’t know she’d take it so seriously and drink with me. You won’t mind, don’t you?”

Jeremy looked at Jason for a few seconds and gave him a one-sided smile. “I won’t. She’s still young and has no sense of propriety. I can understand that.”

Jason’s smile froze. ‘Is he implying that I’m like a child who has no sense of propriety?”

The ambiance took a sudden turn. Zeke and Gerald exchanged looks with each other while. wondering why there seemed to be tension between Jeremy and Jason. The four of them have known each other since their childhood, and it would be a shame if Jeremy and Jason fall out because of a woman.

Zeke decided to interfere and said nonchalantly, “Hey, Jason. Today is the first day you officially took over your family business. I think the part is about to end. What about you take us out for a drink?”

Jason chuckled. “Sure. You guys pick the place and I’ll have it arranged.”

Zeke smiled and nudged Jeremy’s arm. “Jeremy, where should we go?”



Jeremy looked indifferent. After another sip of tea, he answered, “You guys go ahead. I have something on my plate.”

Zeke frowned. “Hey, Jason just got back. It’s been a long time since all four of us could gather like this, Jeremy. Don’t be a buzzkill.”

“I really have something to do. I’m treating next time, but I can’t join today,” Jeremy said. He softly put down the porcelain teacup with his fingers and stood up to grab his blazer from the mahogany coat rack to place it on his arm.

After turning his back on the others elegantly, he waved at them with his back facing them and left the room. “Bye.”

Zeke sighed helplessly and complained, “Tsk! There he goes. He has no time for his friends after he got himself a wife!”

Jason looked at Jeremy leaving and smiled helplessly. “It’s alright. Maybe he does have something to do.”

Gerald got up and said, “Let’s go. I still have some good booze left in Twilight. You guys are in luck.

Jason hurriedly said, “Yo, Gerald. I said I’m treating today!”

Zeke cackled. “I don’t care who’s paying; I’m only responsible for drinking!”

In the car.

“I asked you to arrange a job for her. Is that how you do it?” His tone sounded flat, but his irritation still peaked through.


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