The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 138

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 138

Chapter 138

Gloomily, Jeremy kicked over a chair to sit and gave Corinne a cold glare.

Corinne merely carried on with her meal as though nothing out of the ordinary was happening. As she ate, however, an idea occurred to her. She brought the kebab near Jeremy’s lips and, raising her eyebrows, giggled. “Try it.”

Her sudden attention toward him caught Jeremy off-guard, yet he could not deny he felt slightly intrigued. He opened his mouth slowly-

Corinne pulled back her hand and stuffed the kebab into her mouth.

She chuckled, her mouth full. “Hey, didn’t you say you don’t want to eat?”

The shade of Jeremy’s expression got darker. He narrowed his eyes sharply. “You tricked me?”

Corinne pursed her lips and took out one potato fry for him from the plate. “Alright. I’m not going. to tease you anymore. Males and females shouldn’t drink using the same glass. It’s inappropriate for us to eat the same kebab, and it’s unhygienic too. I’ll give you a new one. Try it. It’s very nice.”

After the last experience, Jeremy did not trust her easily. He looked at her with guard up and finally took it from her hand once he knew she was really giving the food to her.

This time, Corinne made no attempt at trickery, genuinely wanting Jeremy to try.

At that moment, Tommy rushed over and stopped Jeremy when he saw him taking what Corinne gave him. “Sir, you can’t eat this dirty street food!”

Corinne glanced at Tommy faintly in disagreement. “It’s not like you’ll get sick eating it.”

Tommy’s mouth twitched. He did not care what sort of things Corinne put into her mouth, but Jeremy had never eaten food from the street before. What if he contracted a stomach ache?


Jeremy merely waved his hand, asking Tommy to stand aside and leave them.

Without a choice, he did what he was told and fell silent, all while worrying to himself.

Jeremy looked at the way Corinne ate and tried to bite the kebab she gave him. His movement was decent and elegant as he bit slowly.

Just then, Corinne brought her little face up close and looked at him with widened eyes. “Well? It’s good, isn’t it?”

-Jeremy nodded. “Not bad.”

“See, I’m not lying to you!” Corinne felt satisfied, having introduced a new food to Jeremy. She tilted her head and laughed. “But you look like someone who has just tried street food. Are you. aware that the way you ate was like a well-mannered damsel? There are different table manners when you eat on the street. You gotta take big bites just like me!”

‘Well-mannered damsel? This brat dares to call me that!’ he grunted internally.

His expression soured after being called that. Staring at how unscrupulous Corinne ate her kebab,

however, Jeremy suddenly felt something different.

The way Corinne indulged her food unscrupulously gave Jeremy a feeling that she was positive, cheerful, and spirited. He could not possibly be angry at her.

Corinne was different from the other pretentious women who acted gentle, delicate, and spiritless.

“Corinne, here are the two kebabs you ordered!” The female street cart owner came over with the kebabs Corinne ordered. When she saw Jeremy, her eyes brightened up.

“Gosh! This lad is more handsome than the last one! Corinne, you’re a lucky girl. All the guys. around you are so handsome!”

Corinne smiled brightly. “He’s not too bad!”

The owner went back to take a can of carbonated drink over from the refrigerator. “Hey handsome, since it’s your first time here, this drink is on me. If you think our kebab is tasty, remember to bring Corinne here more often!”

Jeremy looked at the carbonated drink. He was not used to this sort of communication and people giving him something without a reason.

As he was about to tell the owner he did not want it, Corinne smilingly replied on his behalf, “Thank you. We’ll come here more often!”

The owner smiled and went back to her cart.


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