The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 142

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 142

Chapter 142

Corinne headed back to the Carews’ residence.

“Daddy, I’m home,” Corinne said faintly.

Right then, her stepmother, Lilliana ran over and stopped her at the door caringly. “Corinne, you shouldn’t go in now. Your father is mad at you.”

Corinne raised an eyebrow and asked faintly, “Aunt Lilliana, what is going on? Why is he mad at me?”

Lilliana deliberately raised her voice and answered, “He knows about how you offended the investors who were going to invest in Sherlyn’s new movie. It’s best if you leave now; this is for your own good. I’m afraid he’ll hit you because he can’t control his


Smiling, Corinne quietly watched as Lilliana acted.

‘If this old woman really cares about me, she could’ve called me in advance and told me not to come home. Why does she have to say this sh*t before I enter the house?”

Alas, Marvin bought her act every time.

“Is Corinne back? boomed Marvin’s voice, evidently in rage. “Ask her to get the hell in here now!” Lilliana stopped blocking Corinne from entering and went running to Marvin.

“Marvin, don’t be angry. It happened. Even if you kill her now, it’s not like you can make up for Sherlyn’s loss.”

Those words only fueled Marvin’s anger. While he was initially empty-handed, he then spotted a broom at the side and took it. “If I don’t beat that brat today, I don’t know how to vent out my anger. And I don’t know how to make it out for the misery you and Sherlyn had to suffer!”

Corinne walked into the living room from the door. There, she saw Marvin who wanted to beat her with the broom, Lilliana who pretentiously tried to stop Marvin but all she did was make it worse, and Sherlyn who was sitting on the couch crying with her hands covering her face. She cried so hard that her shoulders trembled pitifully.

Marvin’s anger spiked when he saw Corinne. “You ungrateful piece of sh*t! Come here!” he roared. “Kneel, apologize, and accept your punishment!”

Corinne did not panic. Instead, she looked at her father peacefully. “I don’t understand why you want to beat me.”

“You don’t understand, you say?” Marvin was so angry that he raised his voice. “Answer me! Did Sherlyn take you in as her assistant because you were looking for a job? Did she pay you good money?”

Corinne furrowed her brow and felt troubled. “I guess so…”

Marvin questioned her angrily, “And how do you intend to repay her?”

With a hardworking spirit, she answered, “I’ll work my “ss off to repay her for giving me the job!”

Marvin stared at her. “Work your ‘ss off? Did you do that? She finally signed with a new company and Goran Sheffield is offering her a role in his new movie! She asked you to go with her to a meeting and asked you to pour a cup of tea, but you spilled the tea and burned the movie investor’s hand! What were you thinking?!”

“I admit I did that,” confessed Corinne. “but it wasn’t on purpose.”

Marvin lifted the broom and pointed one end at her. “Do you think it’s settled just because.

you didn’t do it on purpose? Because of your mistake, the movie doesn’t have any investors, and they can’t shoot it! That is Goran Sheffield’s new movie! Any celebrity that can take part in his movie will become an international superstar!

“Do you know you’ve ruined your sister’s career? She’s the only one who has a bright future ahead. of her in this family, to have that chance to step up the ladder, and you ruined it!”

“Corinne, you…. truly messed it up this time,” said Lilliana, her voice cracking as she began sobbing. I know you’re jealous because Sherlyn is more talented than you, but you… You shouldn’t ruin her career because of that!”


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