The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 143

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 143

Chapter 143

Sherlyn raised her tear-stained face and said miserably, “Corinne, I’ve been good to you. I made you my assistant and even prepaid a month’s salary to you. Ask if other assistants are paid that much!” She, too, began to sob loudly. “Why did you ruin my career?!”

Lilliana hurried over to console her. “Don’t cry, Sherlyn. Your father and I know you’re very upset now. Corinne ruined your career because she’s jealous of you, but we’re a family. Why don’t you forgive her and believe she didn’t do it on purpose?”

It only made Marvin feel even worse. The more he looked at Corinne, the angrier he felt. “Take a good look! Look at how nicely Lilliana treats you! She’s still trying to convince Sherlyn to forgive you! But what about you?!”

Corinne stretched her mouth and smiled sarcastically.

At the moment, Marvin really dreaded using the broom to beat Corinne, but something must have. changed his mind as he decided against it. In the end, he threw away the broom and said angrily, I’m not going to beat you today. Pack up your things and go back to the countryside. Don’t come here ever again! I’m going to compensate Sherlyn by giving her your dowry and money!”

By the time Marvin finished, Corinne could see Lilliana and Sherlyn exchanging looks with each. other with sinister grins.

Frankly, Goran was never going to get the funds from Jeremy and the others, even if she did not. accidentally spill the tea onto Jeremy. Sherlyn was well aware of that, but she used this to chase Corinne back to the countryside and have Corinne lose her right to inherit part of the family’s wealth.

All along, Sherlyn and Lillian’s motive was to make sure Corinne would not get part of the wealth.

Corinne never thought of receiving anything from the family. Plus, she never thought that wealth was worth anything to her. Despite that, she did not want to let Sherlyn and Lilliana get what they wanted.

It did not matter that Lilliana and Sherlyn treated her badly, even since she was a kid. They event ruined her mother’s reputation by making out stories about her, and none of those stories sounded remotely nice whatsoever.

Lillliana was the one who made up stories telling others that Corinne’s mother was the mistress in the relationship.

Corinne could never forgive them.

Corinne thought for a while and looked at Marvin. “Dad, what if I can recover Sherlyn’s losses? Can I stay?”

Marvin was dumbstruck. “What did you say? Did you say you can recover her losses?”

Lilliana looked at her sardonically as if Corinne was a joke.

Sherlyn snorted in disdain. “How easily those words escape you, Corinne. How are you going to recover my losses? Can you take out the money to invest in Goran Sheffield’s new movie?”

Corinne shook her head. “No, I don’t have the money.”

Sherlyn continued to reprimand, “Then how are you going to recover my losses? Mom, Dad, why do you still have the mood to tease me?”

Marvin frowned and looked annoyed.

Corinne said, “I don’t have money, but I know someone wealthy enough to recover your losses, in a way.”


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