The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 144

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 144

Chapter 144

Of course, Sherlyn thought Corinne was bluffing. She rolled her eyes and sneered, “Who is it, then? Tell us his name.”

Corinne answered faintly. “The president of Newmoon Group, Xante Yatco.”

“Newmoon Group?” Surprised, Sherlyn unconsciously exchanged looks with her mother in disbelief.

Marvin asked curiously, “Are you referring to Newmoon Group, established three years ago but is developing rapidly and almost at the same level as the four major groups?”

Corinne nodded. “Yes, the one and only.”

Marvin continued, “I heard the president is a young lady.”

Corinne nodded again. “Yes. A beautiful young lady, at that.”

Sherlyn sighed in lament. “Corinne, stop lying. How on earth do you know the president of

Newmoon Group? I think you’re just fooling us to avoid taking responsibility!”

After hearing that, Marvin’s expression looked serious again. He questioned, “Corinne, do you truly know the president of Newmoon Group? How do you know her? Tell us.”

Corinne explained honestly, “I happened to find her phone on the road and returned it to her. I heard there was an important document on the phone and that it’d be a nightmare if she lost it. Out of gratitude, she wanted to offer me something as a reward, but I didn’t accept it at the time. She thus told me that if I’m ever in trouble or need any help, I can look for her. She even gave me her name card,”

She reached into her pocket to take out the name card. Before she could show it to Marvin, Lilliana quickly snatched it from her with greed flashing in her eyes.

The quality of the name card was solid. The letters were very exquisite with a thin layer of silver alongside the edges of the name card. The high-class quality suggested it was not a name card from just anyone.

Xante’s name was printed on the name card, along with her contact number.

Still, Lilliana was dubious when she saw it. “Corinne, this name card doesn’t prove anything. Unless you call this person, we’ll have a hard time believing in you.”

Sherlyn agreed with what her mother said. “That’s right. How do we know if this phone number is even hers? Heck, we don’t even know if this is a real number.”

Marvin, too, agreed with them. “Corinne, call this number now. Let’s see if this number really belongs to Miss Xante.”

Corinne frowned helplessly. “Fine. I’ll call the number.”

Under the watchful gazes of her father, stepmother, and Sherlyn, she took out her phone and called the number stated on the name card.

“Hello. Is this Miss Xante? I’m Corinne Carew.”

The call connected to the other end. Marvin and Lilliana glared at Corinne while she asked if the person on the other end was interested in investing in a movie.

At the same moment, Sherlyn frowned with disgust and rolled her eyes. All in all, she still thought. Corinne was faking it. She did not trust Corinne could truly talk and negotiate with a big shot like. the president of Newmoon Group.

Suddenly, Corinne passed the phone to her. “Sherlyn, Miss Xante wants to talk to you. She’d like to ask about the movie.”

Sherlyn was dumbstruck. Even so, she was ready to expose Corinne with a sarcastic look on her face.

She spoke, “Hello?”


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