The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 145

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 145

Chapter 145

“Hello, Miss Sherlyn.”

The gentle, humble voice of a woman came from the other end of the phone. She sounded calm, elegant, and well-spoken. Everything about her voice suggested that she was a young, successful lady.

A nervous feeling struck Sherlyn, and she changed her tone as she meekly answered a few questions about the movie.

After a while, Sherlyn nodded and smiled, bidding the woman a kind farewell before hanging up.

Marvin and Lilliana asked eagerly at the same time, “How did it go, Sherlyn? What did she say?”

Sherlyn looked surprised and elated. “Daddy, Mommy, Miss Xante said she needs to consider investing in the movie, but her company has a new product and they’re looking for an ambassador. She asked if I’m interested in being their ambassador!”

Marvin smiled. “That’s good news!”

Lilliana smiled, too. “The products from Newmoon Group have a good reputation and are very popular in the country. If you can become their ambassador, your popularity is going to reach the next level, and so will your value!”

Sherlyn looked visibly proud of having an influential person choose her. “Miss Xante asked me to send her our house address. She’s going to send a car to the house to pick me up so we can talk. about it at her company.”

Lilliana was so happy that her lower jaw slackened. “That’s amazing! Go get ready! The car is going to be here soon!”

Sherlyn nodded and hurried to go back to her room to put makeup on and changed her clothes.

However, Corinne stopped her from leaving and extended her phone. “Sherlyn, my phone.”

Sherlyn frowned and gave the phone back to Corinne proudly. “Fine. Send the address to Miss

Xante now!”

Corinne raised an eyebrow “Does this mean I’ve recovered your losses?”

agreed to

Sherlyn rolled her eyes. “What? Are you asking me for your credit? Miss Xante hasn’t. invest in the movie. She only said she was going to ask me to be her ambassador. You’re only. forgiven when Miss Xante invests in the movie!”

After that, she went around Corinne to go upstairs to make up.

Corinne sighed and looked at Marvin. “Daddy, do I need to pack my things and go back to the countryside?”

At that moment, Marvin was delighted with the good news. Corinne’s presence did not seem that annoying anymore.

His attitude thus changed. “Good girl. You can stay, consider it a reward for your good deed.”


A cunning glint flashed in her eyes as she smiled. “Thank you for your munificence.”

Marvin commanded, “Go with your sister to Newmoon Group. With your presence, Miss Xante will give more benefits to her. You have to be careful this time; don’t screw it up!”

Corinne nodded obediently. “Don’t worry. I will be careful.”

Lilliana smilingly stood beside Marvin, but she was not as happy as she looked. Secretly, she gave Corinne a fierce glare. ‘D*mn it! We nearly chased this brat back to the countryside! She got lucky to avoid it again this time! Anyway, she got Sherlyn a spot to be an ambassador, so we didn’t lose this fight.’

20 minutes later, someone pressed on the doorbell.

At this moment, Sherlyn had makeup and put on a lovely dress. She sat on the couch proudly and ordered Corinne to open the door.

Corinne did what she was told and opened the door, revealing Aaron in a suit and leather shoes.


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