The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 146

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 146

Chapter 146

Aaron curled a corner of his lip and said softly, “Hi, boss. Long time no see. I missed you!”

Before Corinne could react, Sherlyn’s voice came behind her. “Who is that?”

Aaron removed the friendly smile on his face and answered politely, “Hello. I’m the vice president of Newmoon Group, Aaron Rhode.”

The moment Sherlyn saw a handsome guy standing at the door, she was rooted on the spot. It hit her even harder knowing that the hot guy was the vice president of Newmoon Group.

Passionately, she pushed Corinne to the side and went up. “Goodness! How could they trouble the vice president to pick me up?”

Aaron smiled faintly. “We have to offer the best hospitality to the one who helped Miss Xante and her sister.”

Sherlyn’s expression faltered. It was not her intention to have Corinne mentioned, but it was not a choice for her. After all, Corinne was the one who found Miss Xante’s phone and was also the one who connected Miss Xante and her.

Therefore, she pulled Corinne and held her arm, acting as though they were close. “I heard my sister found Miss Xante’s phone and returned it to her. We don’t dare to take credit for it because our family always believes we shouldn’t pocket the money we pick up. Our parents have taught us to be good people since we were kids. We’re just doing what we’re taught.”

At that time, Marvin and Lilliana were walking out to take a look and overheard what Sherlyn said.

Aaron looked at them and curled his lips to compliment, “Yes. I can see your parents are good people. That’s why they’re able to raise two righteous girls.”

Marvin felt a surge of pride in him upon hearing this, but he pretended to be humble. “Oh, you’re too kind!”

“Sir, please come in. Let me make you a cup of tea, invited Lilliana, all the while scanning the man greedily.

She reckoned this young man would be a good match with Sherlyn, seeing as he was handsome. and also Newmoon Group’s vice president. At this moment, her mind raced as she tried to think of ways to push her daughter with him to compatibility.

“I’m sorry but, Miss Xante is still waiting for us in the company,” declined Aaron politely. “Miss Sherlyn, Miss Corinne, shall we?”

“Yes, sure.” Sherlyn smiled and nodded. There was not a moment she wanted to waste. She quickly followed Aaron, strutting in her high heels.

Corinne yawned tediously and followed them.

The car Aaron came in was a vintage limousine. Sherlyn had often sat in many different types of luxury cars, but this was the first time she was inside a rare vintage limousine. She was so excited that she wanted to take a selfie and post on her social media account to brag about it.

However, Aaron was in the car, and it would make her look like she came out of the woodwork if

she took a selfie. Thus, she sneakily took a short video and posted it to her social media account.

The short video started from the back of the driver with the car logo on the steering wheel and some retro interiors of the car.

Her caption read. [On the way to work. Starting my day full of vitality and energy!]

In the blink of an eye, people started to like her post and commented on it.

[Oh my stars! That’s a vintage car, Sherlyn! Is that yours?]

[Oh my god! How could people be willing to drive that vintage car to the road? You’re burning money by taking it out for a drive! Sherlyn, you’re dope’]

[I’m so jealous! I wanted to take a ride in it too!]

Sherlyn indulged the compliment and jealousy she received from the comments. Her vanity

received enormous satisfaction.

After that, she put away her phone and tilted her head to look at Corinne.

Corinne was leaning back on the leather seat, closing her eyes with her head slanting, resting. The way she relaxed was exactly how people looked when they were riding in their own car-not even a hint of dignity.

Little did Sherlyn know, however, that the vintage limousine was indeed Corinne’s


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