The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 147

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 147

Chapter 147

Even the driver and Aaron worked for Corinne.

Sherlyn looked at Corinne contemptuously and rolled her eyes. If she had not picked up Xante’s phone, she would never have had to bring along her country-bumpkin sister to Newmoon Group. To her, Corinne’s mere presence would degrade her.

After a while, the car stopped in front of the Newmoon Group building.

Aaron got down. It came naturally for him to walk to the side where Corinne was sitting and opened the door for her. “If you’d please, Miss Carew.”

Corinne got out of the car expressionlessly as though she was used to it, much to Sherlyn’s chagrin.

Then again, she told herself that Aaron only opened the door for Corinne because it was nearer to him, and he was not giving Corinne any special treatment.

She could not accept being treated less than Corinne, so she did not get down from her end and moved to where Corinne sat. Before she could get down from the car, however, Aaron closed the door without warning.

In the end, she had to open the door herself.

Followingly, Aaron brought them into the building. They entered the lift and arrived at the office of the president. He opened the door without informing anyone and knocked twice on the door. Calmly, he said, “Miss Xante, Miss Sherlyn and Miss Corinne are here.”

A lady in a fitted suit sat behind the table in the gigantic office, reading a document. Her curled hair was slightly over her shoulder, tied into a low ponytail. Her fringe was tucked behind her ear,

A pair of gold-framed glasses graced her fair, enchanting face. Even though she looked poised, a strong aura of femininity and maturity emanated from her.

Aaron’s task was done after picking up Sherlyn and Corinne. He walked to the couch at the side. and sat to watch what was going to happen next.

Raising her head from studying the document, Xante’s gold-framed glasses reflected the light. Immediately, her vision was fixated on Corinne.

Noticing the situation, Sherlyn stepped forward and deliberately stood in front of Corinne, sporting a bright smile on her face. “Hello, Miss Xante. I’m Sherlyn Carew. It’s a pleasure meeting you.”

Xante nodded. “Hello, Miss Sherlyn. You mentioned you are interested in being the ambassador for our new product when we talked on the phone, yes?”

Sherlyn answered, “Yes, I am. It’s my honor to collaborate with Newmoon Group.”

Xante curled her lips into a plain smile. “Alright. I’ll ask someone to bring you to take a look at our new product. You need to get to know the product before you become the ambassador.”


At that moment, Sherlyn felt like she was not being taken seriously. They had just arrived and were

Chap 14

asked to leave before being asked to sit! Moreover, Xante was not as friendly as she was on the phone.

The secretary came in and requested Sherlyn to study the products with her.

Sherlyn followed the secretary to the door and realized Corinne did not follow her and even sat. Hey Corinne, what are you waiting for?” she called out, displeased. “Come on!”

Xante answered instead, “No, Miss Corinne needs to stay. I like to speak to her.”

Sherlyn was dumbstruck and felt hesitant. “Umm… Miss Xante, she’s my sister and my assistant. I’m not used to her not being around me.”

Xante’s expression did not change but her tone sounded cold. “Don’t worry. My staff will take care of you on behalf of your assistant.”

“Well… Alright. There was nothing much Sherlyn could say. Curiously, she wondered what Xante was going to say to Corinne, yet there was no reason for her to stay and listen.

‘Probably Miss Xante is just going to express her gratitude to Corinne for returning her phone. again. Hmph! What else can she speak to that country bumpkin?’ she sneered.

No matter how displeased she was, she could only go with the secretary.

When there was no outsider in the office, Xante quickly got on her feet, walked over to where Corinne was sitting, and massaged her shoulders. “Boss, you finally made time to visit the company!”


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