The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 148

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 148

Chapter 148

Corinne’s eyes were half-opened as she enjoyed Xante’s massage. She said faintly, “A wolf’s been on my case lately, and something troublesome always came up. I don’t have my freedom.”

Xante narrowed her keen eyes from behind the gold-framed glasses. “By wolf, do you mean the young master from the Holdens?”

Jeremy’s face popped into Corinne’s mind. She furrowed her brow and answered annoyedly. Lately, she did not talk to Xante about what happened to her, yet she was not surprised why Xanter knew about it. It must have been Aaron and his big mouth.

Aaron brought Corinne some snacks and adjusted his pants so he could squat and massage her leg. His face looked like he was eager to hear more gossip. “How’s your marriage life? How’s the intimacy?”

At that moment, Corinne was about to open a pack of chips, and her face blushed having heard that. She rolled her eyes. “Screw you!”

Aaron cackled and continued to massage her leg, but he did not dare to gossip anymore.

Xante reached out for a folder on the table and passed it to Corinne. “Boss, this is the latest. financial report. Take a look at it.”

Corinne accepted the folder, opened it, and read ten lines at a glance. Subsequently, she nodded to show she was pleased with the result. “Very good. The company did better than the last quarter.”

She then gave some advice to Xante for improvement based on the data from the financial report.

Aaron listened, too. Swiftly after, he stood up and whined, “Hey boss, why did you want to work as Sherlyn’s assistant instead of managing the group? Aren’t you being too trifled with matters that aren’t as important?”

“I don’t worry about the group because you two handle it very well. Plus, I’m not going to be her assistant for long. Corinne put on a serious face and asked, “Do you have anything on the man I asked you to check yesterday?”

Aaron nodded. “Goran Sheffield is a very popular director in the country, having hailed from Ant City and graduated as an art student from a small town. Before he was famous, he mostly worked behind the scenes. He knew his current wife, Yuri Sheffield when they worked together. With funding from her wife’s rich family, he successfully directed his first art films and won the award. for best director. After that, his fame rocketed.

“More importantly, however, he was in a secret relationship with your stepmother Lilliana before. he got famous. They stayed together for more than two years and broke off because Lilliana was with another guy.

“I also found something. Not long ago, Lilliana went to a private hospital to do paternity testing. She bribed the hospital dean with fifteen thousand dollars to fabricate a paternity test report. She requested the hospital to change the result of the paternity test from unrelated to the biological father and daughter relationship. The alleged child and father on the paternity test were Goran.


and Sherlyn.”

At this point, Corinne smirked.

‘No wonder Mister Goran looks after Sherlyn so much when her acting sucks, and he’s supposed to be a prideful man, too. He thinks Sherlyn is his biological daughter. Hmph! This is the type of thing Lilliana would do: cheating on Daddy and letting her ex-boyfriend be the father of his daughter,’ she thought.

With everything clear, it was easier from that moment onward.

Xante went to brew a cup of coffee herself and brought it over for Corinne. “Boss, we received an order for a building design. The client specifically asked for your design. Should I accept it?”

Corinne accepted the coffee and took a sip while asking nonchalantly, “And what order is that?”

Xante pushed up her glasses and answered honestly, “It’s to design a new office building for Holden Group.”

Corinne was at a loss for words. The coffee in her mouth did not taste as good as it was the moment she heard Jeremy’s last name.

Followingly, Xante continued with the details, saying, “Due to the city expansion project, the city center is shifting to the north side. The current building for Holden Group is situated in the middle. of the current city center. When the city center is shifted, the building will be outside of the new city center, so Holden Group is preparing to build a new office building at the new city center.”


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