The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 149

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 149

Chapter 149

“Holden Group was the one who engaged with us. Their president, Mister Jeremy that you know, liked our office building design. He was the one who requested the architect of this building to design Holden Group’s new office building. We all know who the architect is, right? Moon?”

Corinne’s eyebrows furrowed. Moon was the name she used during work.

Not even hesitating, she rejected this knowing it was a project related to Jeremy. “Nope! Not going to accept it.”

“Boss, Holden Group has offered a lot of money for the project!” Aaron used his fingers to show the numbers ‘one’ and ‘five”.

‘A hundred and fifty million dollars?! Corinne nearly choked on her coffee. ‘Mister is a big spender

Newmoon Group was established just recently about three years ago and was in the expanding phase. Although their market value kept on increasing, their cash flow was limited.

‘A hundred and fifty million…” It was a figure Corinne had a hard time rejecting.

Aaron and Xante exchanged looks with each other and knew their boss was tempted by the


Aaron thus seized the chance and said, “It’s your call if you’re going to accept the job or not. We’re not at the stage where we need to discuss the details of the contract.”

After much thinking, Corinne changed her mind. Tll accept it.”

Only an idiot would refuse to earn that amount of money.

Aaron smiled. “Great. Mister Jeremy is coming over later, so you two can meet and work out the details yourself!”

Corinne, drinking her coffee and mulling over things, quickly perked up upon digesting Aaron’s words. She then turned to him. “What? Who’s coming, you say?”

Aaron giggled like a high school girl. “Boss, your husband is coming.”

Xante shoved the annoying Aaron away and quickly explained, “Boss, he said he likes our

building’s design and requested to have a tour of our building today. He even said he’d like to meet the architect of this building, Moon.”

Corinne furrowed her brows vehemently and said, “He can take whatever tour he wants here, but I’m not going to meet him.”

Xante nodded. “Alright, I understand.”

Aaron grew curious by Corinne’s reaction, much like a curious cat. “Why? If he knows his wife is the architect for this building, he’ll surely think differently of you. Heck, he might even fall deeply in love with you!”

That did not change anything for Corinne. She replied faintly, “We’re cutting ties after the three months are up. The same goes for you guys. Other than work-related matters, you’re not allowed to interact with him personally. Don’t ever let him know the relationship between me, you guys,

and Newmoon Group.”

Aaron was confused. “Don’t be so cruel. What if you two suddenly developed feelings for each other within the three months-”

“No!” Corinne cut him off sternly.

She then asked, “When is he coming?”

Xante looked at her watch. “Right about now. I think he should be here soon.”

With that said, the secretary knocked on the door and informed, “Miss Xante, Mister Aaron. Mister Jeremy from Holden Group is here.”


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