The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 151

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 151

Chapter 151

“Moon has her reasons for that, and I am in no position to divulge anything,” said Xante.

Jeremy chuckled coldly. “Seems to me that Newmoon Group isn’t sincere in accepting Holden Group’s project. No pressure, then.”

As he said that, he placed down the coffee cup and stood up immediately after.

Meanwhile, Corinne could hear the entire conversation from inside the lounge. Jeremy sounded Incredibly dissatisfied, and she knew that his patience was always limited.

If he left, then they would stand to lose the 150-million-dollar project!

As Corinne was frantically finding a way to handle it, she saw a pile of equipment in the corner of the lounge. Aaron was the one who had bought them, and there seemed to be something like a gas mask in the pile.

“Mister Jeremy, please wait!”

Jeremy, who had walked to the door of the office, stopped when he heard the voice and slowly turned around to look over. His charming eyes narrowed when he saw who it was.

Xante turned her head to look in the direction of the voice and was stunned by what she saw. “Why is our boss…dressed like that?’

Corinne had changed into Xante’s clothes in the lounge, and she walked out of the lounge with a gas mask on her face.

She went straight to Jeremy and changed her voice by raising it several pitches higher, saying.” You wanted to meet me, didn’t you, Mister Jeremy? I’m Moon.”

Jeremy frowned slightly and looked at her skeptically.

Tommy had a dumbfounded look when he saw her. ‘Why did Moon arm herself with that sort of protective equipment? Is she trying to imply that Mister Jeremy is noxious or something?

Corinne explained self-consciously, “I’m sorry, Mister Jeremy. I’ve been having severe skin allergies recently, and my face is breaking out like crazy. I wouldn’t want to be an eyesore, so I can. only meet people in this gab. This is why Miss Xante mentioned that it’s not convenient for me to meet clients. I hope you don’t mind me dressing like this while discussing work matters with you.”

Jeremy nodded slightly and said curtly, “I don’t mind. Your fashion sense is of no interest to me.”

Corinne bowed politely. “I’m very thankful for your understanding, Mister Jeremy.”

Xante then walked over with a smile and said, “Since Moon has decided to be present with us. would you be happy to sit back down now, Mister Jeremy? What happened earlier was clearly a misunderstanding. Do allow us to show our utmost sincerity to you!”

Jeremy sat back down again, with Corinne sitting between him and Xante.

Jeremy went straight to the point and asked directly, “Miss Moon, I’m curious as to the source of your inspiration for the Crescent Building.”


The Crescent Building was actually round, but the color of the glass on the outer wall created a three-dimensional crescent shape that made the whole building appear crescent-shaped to the naked eye. It retained that shape even when seen from all directions and angles.

It was a very beautiful building that left an unforgettable impression in the minds of those who laid eyes on it.

Corinne explained, “The moon fascinates me, and the new moon-which represents the beginning of everything and symbolizes the future-takes the shape of a crescent too…”

Jeremy watched as she talked eloquently about her creative inspiration and felt a subtle feeling in his heart that led him to look at her in a more appreciative and inquisitive light.

After she finished speaking, he pondered over what she said and asked, “Have we met somewhere before, Miss Moon?”

Corinne became flustered right away and immediately denied it. “Of course not. I would’ve remembered meeting such a handsome and charming man as yourself, Mister Jeremy!” Jeremy stared at the eyes behind her gas mask and felt that it was very familiar somehow. His gaze left Corinne feeling increasingly nervous, and she immediately interrupted him, “May I ask if you have any thoughts on the architectural design of the new office building?”

Jeremy regained his senses and said in a deep voice, “I won’t propose anything so as to allow you free artistic rein, but the design mustn’t be too unconventional.”

Corinne nodded. “Thank you very much for putting trust in me, Mister Jeremy. I hope our cooperation will be a smooth and fruitful one.”

The conversation had come to an end, and Jeremy got up to leave after looking at his watch. Corinne heaved a sigh of relief.

Xante got up to see off their big client, but as soon as she opened the office door, she saw Sherlyn raising her hand as if to knock on it.

Sherlyn’s eyes lit up when she saw Jeremy. “Why are you here, Mister Jeremy?”

As soon as Jeremy saw Sherlyn, however, his first thought was to raise his eyes and see if Corinne was behind her. When he saw that Corinne was nowhere to be seen, he asked in a cold voice, What are you doing here?”

Sherlyn replied softly, “Newmoon Group wanted me to endorse their new product, so I left to get an introduction of that product. Mister Xante here held my assistant in the office to explain some things to her, so I’m here to look for her!”

Jeremy narrowed his eyes sharply. ‘Corinne’s here?


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