The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 156

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 156

Chapter 156

“Anything’s fine.” Jeremy’s cold tone suggested a clear disinterest in having lunch, though he did not refuse outright.

Sherlyn did not think much of the man’s cold attitude and was so beside herself with excitement that she was able to have lunch with a man of Jeremy’s status.

“Let’s go to The Wild Bites. They serve some really good food there!”

The Wild Bites was one of the best high-end restaurants in the city, and the price was very expensive too. Sherlyn would never be willing to have a meal there if she was not treating a big shot like Jeremy to a meal.

Jeremy acknowledged her decision expressionlessly and turned to walk toward the lobby


As Sherlyn followed Jeremy, she turned around and called out angrily to Corinne, “Hurry up! Don’t waste any more time! Do you expect Mister Jeremy to wait for you?”

Corinne frowned helplessly and hastened her footsteps to follow up. Since Aaron had picked them up when they came and Corinne did not drive over, it was logical for them to take Jeremy’s car to the restaurant together.

Sherlyn could not have been happier to ride in Jeremy’s luxury car. When his special assistant walked over and opened the rear door of the luxury Mercedes-Benz, Jeremy did not get in just yet and stood to one side as if he was waiting for someone to go in first.

The sight of that made Sherlyn’s heart throb and she could not help but make assumptions based on his actions. She walked over gracefully and said, “Aren’t you going to get in the car?”

Jeremy glanced at her, and said faintly, “After you.”

Sherlyn’s heart began beating wildly and she was overcome with a burst of joy. She had not been. reading too much into his gesture after all, because it was his intention all along to wait for her to get into the car first. Jeremy was such a gentleman to her! Cold-hearted men like him clearly did. not show their gentlemanly side to every woman, yet he was willing to make way for her to get in the car first. That could only mean one thing-Jeremy was somewhat attracted to her!

“Thank you, Mister Jeremy!” Sherlyn accepted the man’s kindness with a coquettish smile and got into the car before quietly waiting for him to sit next to her.

To her surprise, Jeremy did not get in at all and turned his head to look at Corinne who was waiting at one side. When he saw her standing still, he lowered his gaze and said coldly, “Get in the


His tone resembled that of a parent admonishing a child.

Corinne pursed her lips. “Okay…”

After Corinne got into the car, Jeremy finally bent down and got in too. Sherlyn thought that she could sit next to Jeremy, but her excitement and anticipation all came for naught and she was utterly displeased with that development. Her anger continued to intensify as she looked at


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