The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 157

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 157

Chapter 157

Corinne sitting between them, but since she could not lose her temper right there, she relieved her anger by secretly reaching out to pinch the flesh just behind Corinne’s waist and twist it hard to relieve her anger.

Corinne was not prepared for that at all, and she hissed while wincing in pain. Her first instinct was to dodge and lean to the other side, but In doing so, she ended up bumping right into Jeremy’s chest.

He raised his arm to support her shoulder and lowered his eyes to ask in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

Corinne immediately realized what had happened and wanted to avoid him like the plague, but he continued to hold her shoulder firmly. ‘What is he doing? Let go, d*mn it! Didn’t we agree that we’ll pretend not to know each other in front of Sherlyn?”

Sherlyn was even more upset when she saw Corinne getting so close to Jeremy. She gritted her teeth and reminded with a smirk, “What are you doing, Corinne? Don’t take up so much space on Mister Jeremy’s side! Move over here!”

Corinne glanced at the hypocritical instigator, Sherlyn, and then looked up at Jeremy to say, “I’m sorry, Mister Jeremy. I felt a sharp pain earlier, and I didn’t mean to do that…” As she spoke, she even winked at him to try and remind him not to forget his promise to her.

Jeremy remained silent for about two seconds and finally raised his hand to let go of her shoulder.

Corinne immediately moved back to her original position and unconsciously rubbed the pinched area on her lower back. Every movement of hers was captured by Jeremy’s sharp vision, and he narrowed his eyes as he watched her calmly.


Once Corinne sat back properly, Sherlyn no longer dared to pull any tricks on her for fear that it would have the unintended result of causing Corinne to take the opportunity to lean on Jeremy.

Sherlyn was beyond angry. ‘You’re such a shameless little b*tch, Corinne! You take every single chance to get close to men!”

The Wild Bites, the restaurant that Sherlyn chose, was situated in the city center and was only a 10- minute drive away. When they walked into the restaurant, the server led them to their table.

Sherlyn stood up gracefully once more and said, “Go ahead and order, Mister Jeremy. I’ll be right back after I go to the restroom,”

Jeremy nodded casually, and his indifferent eyes barely glanced at her for a second.

Sherlyn then turned to Corinne and said, “Come and keep me company, Corinne!” Her request to Corinne was merely an excuse to avoid allowing Corinne to seduce Jeremy in her absence.

Corinne nodded indifferently and got up to follow her.

Inside the restroom, Sherlyn looked in the mirror and touched up on her makeup, and through the reflection in the mirror, she stared in disgust at Corinne who was standing at one side while carrying her bag. She sarcastically remarked, “You can dream on if you think that Mister Jeremy will be attracted to a country bumpkin like you just because Newmoon Group’s Mister Aaron was blind enough to fall for you!”

Corinne had a bored look on her face, and her lips twitched as she said, “I didn’t think of that at all.”

Sherlyn closed her makeup powder case and turned her head to warn fiercely. “You’d better! | advise you to be a little more aware of your actions!”

Corinne, however, felt that Sherlyn was being unreasonable and raised her eyebrows. “What are you trying to say, Sherlyn? When have I not been aware of my actions?”

Sherlyn took out her lipstick from her makeup bag, twisted it open, and applied some on her lips. She then snorted coldly. “Haven’t you noticed that Mister Jeremy has a sour expression whenever he sees you? I’m guessing it’s because he’s still super angry after being scalded yesterday!”

Corinne felt helpless. “I asked for some time off today so I don’t need to have lunch with him, but you insisted that I come!”

Sherlyn stared at her in disdain and said angrily, “I only asked you to come so you can show your sincerity and apologize to Mister Jeremy, but that doesn’t mean he wants to see you all the time! You just need to hide in here and pretend that you can’t join us because you have diarrhea. You’re only allowed to come out of here when I call you. Having you ruin Mister Jeremy’s appetite is the last thing I’d want!”

Upon hearing that, Corinne made an ‘OK’ gesture in agreement and said, “Sure! Not a problem!”

She could not have been happier when she got the chance to stay away from Jeremy. Had Sherlyn not asked her to tag along, she would be midway through her nap at home by then!

After Sherlyn was done touching up her makeup, she grabbed her branded bag from Corinne and stuffed the makeup bag into it. Before she left, she threatened her, “Do as you’re told, and stay put in here. Don’t you dare go back to the table, or else!”

Corinne nodded earnestly. “Okay, I understand.”

After Sherlyn left, Corinne walked out of the restroom too. Although she was not interested in going back to the table and interfering with Jeremy and Sherlyn’s lunch, she did not want to stay in the restroom and bear with the smell either.

She went to a quiet stairwell to call Aaron and ask what his ‘confession’ was all about,

Aaron picked up the phone within seconds. “Do you miss me so soon?”

“Miss you?” Corinne’s lip twitched briefly as she said that.

Before she could continue her sentence and say the phrase ‘as if’, she heard a man asking, “Who are you on the phone with?”

It was none other than Jeremy, and Corinne was startled by his question.


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