The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 158

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 158

Chapter 158

As soon as Corinne snapped back to her senses, she turned around to discover that Jeremy had appeared behind her at some point and was staring at her gloomily.

Corinne felt an inexplicably strong chill down her spine, and she subconsciously ended the call. “Just a friend!” she replied curtly and placed the cell phone back into her pocket.

Jeremy raised his hand and spread his large palm in front of her. “Give me the phone.” He was acting like a high school principal who was doing his rounds and wanted to confiscate a student’s cell phone.

Corinne froze for a moment and frowned unhappily. She felt that he was making a mountain out of a molehill, but she did not want to argue with him there. After giving his request a bit of thought, she took out her phone and handed it to him.

Jeremy took the phone and tried to swipe it open, but as soon as he saw that the screen was locked, he said coldly. “What’s the password?”

Corinne refused. “This concerns my privacy, and I have the right not to tell you.”

Jeremy narrowed his eyes. “Why do you look guilty?”

Corinne responded confidently, “I’m not!”

He raised the phone in his hand menacingly and said in a more serious tone, “If that’s the case, then there’s no reason for you not to tell me what the password is.”

Corinne thought to herself, ‘How in the world can someone act that natural when demanding to look at another person’s cell phone? He’s so unpredictable! Does he think he’s some dictator or something?

She could not stand his domineering attitude any longer and glanced up at him with a stubborn gaze. “I’m not telling you!”

Jeremy’s jaw tensed up, and there was not much patience left in his eyes.

It was rare for him to encounter individuals whom he had little control over, especially when it came to women. Despite that, the little girl in front of him did not seem to take him seriously at all. Though she sometimes appeared docile and obedient, the only reason she did so was to avoid. trouble. Furthermore, she was also too lazy to deal with the situation.

Most of the time, her eyes were vapid and vacuous, lacking any obedience, fear, or concern for him! However, it was precisely because she frequently compromised and cooperated to avoid a heated exchange that her sudden refusal appeared out of the ordinary. ‘What is she hiding in her phone? Why is she so afraid of me looking at it?’

Her increased refusal made him even more curious to know who she was calling so secretly.

“I’ll ask you one more time, Corinne. What’s the password?” Jeremy’s big hand forced her to look. up, and he almost seemned to be threatening her.

Despite being forced to look up, Corinne did not give in. Though she was being threatened by him,

she smirked tauntingly and suggested, “Why don’t you take a guess? I’ll tell you if you’ve got it right!

The blue veins on Jeremy’s forehead were starting to bulge out. I really wish I could just strangle this dmn girl to death right now!

Out of the blue, her phone rang at that moment Aaron had called her back.

Startled. Corinne immediately reached out to grab the phone, but the man lifted his arm high and prevented her from reaching it no matter how hard she tried

Corinne frowned and said, “Give me my phone back, Mister!”


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