The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 160

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 160

Chapter 160

Corinne went on to say, “Honestly, you’ve never believed in me at all! You asked Tommy to make arrangements for my job just so you could keep me in a place that you can control. That way, you can always know what I’m doing and whether I cheated on you, right?”

Jeremy stared at her with a dark and gloomy gaze. For the time being at least, he was noncommittal over her remark.

“I’m just a passer by who will exist for only three months in your magnificent life, Mister. Please don’t try to control me! If you don’t believe in me, I can always swear to you!”

After saying that, Corinne raised her hand firmly and vowed, “I, Corinne, swear to God almighty, that I’ll never do anything out of line and cheat on Mister Jeremy Holden. May lightning strike me and kill me if I go back on my promise!” After swearing categorically, she placed her hand down and headed for the direction of the door.

Just as she put her hand on the doorknob and opened it, Jeremy’s big palm pushed it shut from behind.

“Did I say you could leave?”

Corinne frowned. ‘What else does he want from me now that I’ve sworn to uphold my promise to him?’ She said angrily, “Aren’t we don’t yet? Don’t be such a jealous little wimp!”

‘Jealous little…wimp? Jeremy frowned coldly as if he heard the most ridiculous and inane sentence ever. He then leaned close to her ear and chuckled softly. “Me? Jealous? Do you think I’ll get jealous because of you? In my eyes, you’re just a kid who’s still wet behind the ears!”

“But you’re a big grown man to me!” Corinne yelled out in anger, but she soon realized that it sounded a little inappropriate and wanted to take it back. Alas, there were no take-backs when it came to one’s words.

If all else failed, she just had to retreat.

She pulled the door hard and tried to run, but his hand was firmly pressed against the metal door and she could not pull it open.

She felt a warm and ticklish breath behind her ear, and Jeremy’s deep voice resonated in her ear canal as his lips nearly touched her ear. “Hmm? What did you just say?”

“Nothing!” Corinne wanted to leave the stairwell as quickly as she could, but she was unable to open the door at all. Her shoulders were then held by the man again, and her body was forcibly turned around so she was facing him.

At that moment, the girl’s face was flushed with embarrassment due to the slip of her tongue. Her eyes flickered, and she could not bring herself to look directly at the man in front of her.

Jeremy’s gaze fell on her shy little face, and he saw her slender and thick eyelashes fluttering slightly. Her facial features were as beautiful as a painting, and her face was like a flower about to bloom.

It should not have come as a surprise that there were plenty of men who wanted to hit on her.

After all, she was quite charming.

She earlier said that there were two months and seven days left, and the fact that she remembered so clearly was an indication that she had been keeping track of time religiously.

‘Since when have my emotions become so easily influenced by her? I can’t stand to see her in contact with other men, and I feel unhappy-restless, even-simply because other men seemed to favor her.”

She accused him of saying that he wanted to control her, but if that were truly the case, he did not need to lock her up at all because he could know her whereabouts at any time with the snap of a finger.

He arranged a job for her because he knew that she did not want to idle her days away. Instead of letting her be subject to hardship by other people, it would be better for her to endure hardship. under him.

‘This d*mned girl misconstrued my kindness as malice!”


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