The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 161

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 161

Chapter 161

Jeremy’s eyes darkened even more when he thought of how he would lose the right to control her in another two months and seven days. She would then be able to have a relationship with other men and be intimate with them.

‘Out of the question he thought to himself.

Corinne could not break free after he pressed her against the door, making her feel both flustered and angry After waiting for a long time for the man to say something, she became a little impatient and said with a frown, “If you have something to say to me, could you at least get your hands off me? I’m leaving if you have nothing else to s-mgh!’”

The man leaned over suddenly, and he parted her thin lips with his tongue while dominating her mouth with his lips.

Corinne’s mind went blank, and she widened her eyes to confirm whether that was actually happening.

Jeremy’s handsome face was millimeters away from hers, and he was kissing her forcefully and aggressively.

‘What’s going on? When Corinne finally came to her senses, she felt offended and annoyed. She raised her hands and pushed against the man’s chest, but rather than succeed in pushing him away, he began to kiss her ever more passionately as he wrapped one hand around her waist while clasping the back of her head with his other hand.

He was skilled at kissing, and his charm was truly top-notch. Slowly but surely, she became a little muddle-headed and reciprocated uneasily as her small hands clutched his suit lapels.

Sometime later, their lips finally parted ways, and they stared briefly at each other. Both of them were panting slightly, and their breaths were all tangled together.

Jeremy saw how she looked as frightened as a deer in headlights and felt rather amused by how pitiful she looked. A slight smile appeared on his face, and his big hand rubbed her hair in a bullying manner as he said in a stern voice, “Don’t call other men.”

Corinne blushed, and it was hard to tell whether she was blushing from anger or shame. She took a step back to avoid being touched and raised her arm to wipe her mouth. Her tone was resentful as she said, “I get it, okay? You didn’t need to do that to warn me!”

“You’re still not allowed to call other men once the three months are up,” Jeremy added, and his tone was inexplicably gentle then.

Corinne’s heart skipped a beat as she looked at him in surprise. “Why not?”

The man looked closely at her blushing face and leaned over again while saying in a low voice.” Because…”

At this time, Tommy’s stern voice was heard outside the stairwell door. “You can’t go in there, Miss Sherlyn!”

Sherlyn’s voice was soon heard too. “Are you standing in front of that door because Mister

Jeremy is inside this stairwell? The food has been served, so why is Mister Jeremy alone in the stairwell instead of coming back to the table for lunch? The food is going to go cold!”

Tommy replied, “You should go back to the table now, Miss Sherlyn. Mister Jeremy will join you


Sherlyn refused to listen to his advice. “What could he be doing in the stairwell? Stop standing in my way! I want to go in there and see him!”

“I’m sorry, but he doesn’t want to see you right now.”

“And how do you know that he doesn’t want to see me? You’re just a secretary, so who gave you the right to speak on behalf of him? Why would he refuse to see me if he agreed to have lunch. with me? Move aside! I’m going in to check on Mister Jeremy!”

“Miss Sherlyn, please…”

Sherlyn seemed suspicious after sensing there was movement on the other side of the door, and she was adamant about forcing her way in.

Corinne realized that something was wrong, and her first instinct was to run downstairs. After all, it would be a pain to explain it to Sherlyn if she was caught with Jeremy.

As soon as Corinne took one step, however, Jeremy grabbed her wrist again and asked, “Where are you going?”

Corinne turned around helplessly and stared at Jeremy with an unhappy frown. “Don’t forget your promise that you won’t let my sister know about our relationship!”

Jeremy did not let go of Corinne, but the door of the stairwell was already pushed open by Sherlyn.


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