The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 164

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 164

Chapter 164

Corinne had no idea what was it that stoked Sherlyn’s rage, but she answered curtly and hung up before going back to their table.

There were few patrons in such a high-end restaurant, and the table Sherlyn reserved was next to the floor-to-ceiling windows where one could enjoy the river view outside while dining. It was an expensive seat, but one with the lowest minimum spend.

She had to grit her teeth when doing so because it was all for the sake of leaving a good impression in front of Jeremy and pretending as if she had the financial means to do so.

On normal occasions, she would never be willing to spend all that money to reserve that table, and she was particularly angry because she had spent a huge surn on the table and even ordered the most expensive dish, only to have the man leave without eating a single bite!

At that moment, Corinne walked over from a distance and saw Sherlyn sulking by the window. She folded her arms across her chest in resentment and seemed to be in a blaring rage. Corinne was the only one at the table, and Jeremy was nowhere to be seen.

In fact, Corinne had already expected that outcome since Sherlyn would never talk to her in such a tone in front of Jeremy.

“Why did you call me to come back here, Sherlyn?”

When Sherlyn heard her voice, she immediately turned around and glared angrily as she asked, ” Did you do it on purpose, Corinne?”

Corinne looked puzzled. “Do what on purpose?”

“Ignore my calls on purpose!” Sherlyn gritted her teeth angrily. “Mister Jeremy thought that you weren’t sincere in apologizing to him because you weren’t with us at the table, so he left without eating a single!”

Corinne frowned helplessly. “If I remember correctly, didn’t you instruct me to pretend as if I had diarrhea because you didn’t want me around?”

Sherlyn’s face froze, but she showed not a single ounce of restraint despite knowing that it had been her mistake. Instead, her attitude worsened after her contradiction had been pointed out, and she raised her finger angrily to shout at Corinne. “When Mister Jeremy expressed his unhappiness, I immediately decided to call you to come back. He left in anger because I couldn’t get through to you! If you answered my call at the time and came back to apologize to him, he wouldn’t have left in the first place! This is all your fault, Corinne! Bad luck follows you wherever

you go!”

Corinne was speechless and her lips twitched. ‘I can’t believe she blamed me when she was the

one who couldn’t get him to stay!

Sherlyn was already unhappy after spending a lot of money to reserve a table at The Wild Bites. and she became even more upset when she saw Corinne standing in front of her with an ‘it’s-none- of-my-business’ attitude. She then added, “I don’t care! If you can’t get Mister Jeremy to have a meal with me today, I’ll fine you the price of this meal!”

Corinne spread her palms helplessly. “But I don’t have any money.”

Sherlyn glared at Corinne in disgust and loathed the latter for having the unsightly attitude of a poor person. However, it was Corinne’s poorness that bolstered Sherlyn’s sense of superiority. and she said in disdain, “No money, you say? How about you return the salary I advanced to you?”

Although Sherlyn knew that Corinne was a country bumpkin who had no money, she had already incurred a huge loss for the meal, and she demanded the return of Corinne’s salary because that would at least allow her to make up for the loss she suffered.

Corinne, however, shook her head in apparent refusal. “There’s no reason for you to deduct my salary when I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Her refusal made Sherlyn even angrier. “You have the nerve to say you did nothing wrong? You scalded Mister Jeremy, and he left earlier because of you! If you still think you didn’t do anything. wrong, why don’t you give Dad a call and ask for his opinion?”

Corinne lowered her head and there was a hint of cunning in her eyes, but she put on a frightened look and said, “Don’t call Dad. I’ll think of a way…”

Sherlyn rolled her eyes. “Tch! Do you honestly think you can come up with a way? Don’t try to pull any funny business. Return your salary to me right now!”


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