The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 165

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 165

Chapter 165

Corinne took out her cell phone and said, “Mister Jeremy probably hasn’t gone far. I’ll call his secretary and see if I can ask him to come back.”

Sherlyn was taken aback for a moment, and her guard was up What? Why would you have his secretary’s number?”

Corinne had a calm expression as she casually said, “Oh, I happened to meet his secretary when I

I went out of the restroom, so I chatted with him for a while and asked if he could leave his phone with me.”

“Why did you ask him for his number for no good reason? Are you going to try and seduce him again?” Sherlyn remarked bitterly and sarcastically


Corinne shook his head earnestly wasn’t going to seduce anyone it’s just Fm your assistant now and since you’re paying me such a high salary, it’s only right for me to do my job I thought of


son sol ed him for his contact information in

some resources for your work Dad also told


there ar


me this morning to be more grateful to you and help as much as I can with your work.”

Sherlyn stared at Connne suspiciously before snorting coldly with disdain. “Good to know that you’re more aware now! What are you waiting for, then? Give his secretary a call! I’m curious to see if you can get Mister Jerectly to come back here?”

Til try my best Corinne lowered her eyes, turned around, and dialed the number

The call was soon connected and Tommy said respectfully. “What’s the matter Miss Corinne 7

Corne then asked politely Mister Tommy could you tell Mister Jeremy that I was wrong to do

what I did and d like him to come back here and have lunch?

Tommy was not accustomed to hearing Connne speak to him in such a polite manner, and he was stunned for a moment. He then replied. Tm sorry Miss Corinne, but Mister Jeremy is heading back to the company for a meeting right now and Im afraid he wont be able to have lunch


Conne sighed regretfully see

Sherlyn stared at Corinne and tried to eavesdrop on the conversation, but unfortunately, the volume was too low, and the could not hear the person on the other end of the line

Connne thought for a while and then said “W he be free tonight, then? Id like to show my sincerity by personally cooking for him as a show of apology Can you ask him if he’ll give me

another chance?

Tommy hesitated “Umm Okay hold on for a bit. Let me ask him

Corinne nodded Sure, go ahead”

The black Mercedes Benz was driving at a constant speed on the road, and Tommy turned his

head from the front passenger seat to look at Jeremy sitting behind.


A palm print that resulted from a slap could vaguely be seen on the man’s cheek, and his handsome face was as cold as ever. There was a gloominess in his expression, and he leaned his head back on the chair while closing his eyes to rest. As always, his thoughts remained an enigma.

There was one thing Tommy could be sure of though-Jeremy was in a particularly bad mood at that moment.

Tommy said cautiously. “Sir, Miss Corinne just called to ask if you’d be interested to have dinner together with her. She said that she was wrong for doing what she did to you earlier, and she wanted to apologize to you by cooking a meal for you. She asks whether you’d have time tonight.”

After hearing her name and recalling the slap she gave him, Jeremy frowned in annoyance and did not even bother opening his eyes. He merely opened his lips and said coldly, “No.”

Tommy had no choice but to turn and answer the phone. “Miss Corinne, he says he’s=”

The man in the rear passenger seat glanced up all of a sudden and said in a deep voice, “Ask her for the time and place.”

Tommy’s words were interrupted, and he paused briefly before saying, Right!”

After discussing the time and place with Corinne on the phone, Tommy hung up the phone and turned his head to report to Jeremy. “Sir, she said that dinner will be at eight o’clock tonight in room eight-o-eight of the Moonlight Hotel.”

Jeremy’s handsome eyes narrowed slightly. ‘She invited me…to have dinner in a hotel?”


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