The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 166

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 166

Chapter 166


After Corinne set a time and place with Tommy, she hung up the phone and pulled the chair to sit. She was famished, and she really needed to eat.

The place Corinne told Tommy about was actually set by Sherlyn.

When Corinne was on the phone with Tommy, Sherlyn came over and placed her ear next to the phone to listen. Once she knew Jeremy agreed to the dinner invitation, she quickly told Corinne to set the dinner in the hotel. Corinne did not have a problem with that, so she told Tommy according to what Sherlyn said.

Corinne had just picked up the cutleries to eat when Sherlyn grabbed them.

“Stand up! Who gave you permission to sit and eat?”

Corinne’s brow furrowed. “Sherlyn, I’ve fixed the problem. I should be able to eat something.”

Sherlyn gave her a disdainful look. “What problem did you fix? Mister Jeremy didn’t come back to eat lunch with me, did he? Although you’ve arranged for dinner to happen, you didn’t compensate for the loss I spent on this meal!”

Corinne looked at the table full of food and said, “But you’ve ordered the food. I’m sure you can’t finish it by yourself.”

Sherlyn did not care. “I can bring them all home if I can’t finish them. It’s not going to be your turn to eat them. Do you think you’re worthy to eat expensive dishes from The Wild Bites? Do you even know how to savor these gourmets? The Wild Bites will think you degraded them if they know their food is going to be eaten by a country bumpkin!”

Corinne sneered coldly and stood up. “Fine, then I’ll get going.”

With an angry stare, Sherlyn growled, “Go? Where?”

“I’ve taken the rest of the day off. Didn’t you agree to it? I’m going back home to rest now!”

“That was then, and now I’m disallowing you. Corinne Carew, you… Stop right there! Corinne Carew!”

Sherlyn was so infuriated that she was about to go stop Corinne from leaving when Corinne did not stop as she commanded. At that moment, however, her phone rang. It was her mother.

She did not have the time to care about Corinne.

“Hello? Mom…”

On the other side of the phone, Lilliana asked anxiously, “Sherlyn, how did your ambassador deal with Newmoon Group go?”

While staring in the direction where Corinne left, Sherlyn answered, “It’s almost a done deal, but I have another problem now. Mom, come to The Wild Bites. I ordered a whole table of food, and I

can’t finish them alone!”

“The Wild Bites? Why are you eating in such an expensive place?”

“Ugh! It’s all Corinne’s fault! Come here, and I’ll tell you about it. Don’t let Daddy know!” Sherlyn explained.

“Alright, wait for me. I’m coming now!” Lilliana said.

20 minutes later, Lilliana arrived at The Wild Bites.

“Sherlyn, what happened? Tell me now!” she asked anxiously straight after she sat.

For the next couple of minutes, Sherlyn told her mother everything that happened from when she met Jeremy, to the dinner date she would have with Jeremy in the hotel on this very night.

The ecstatic Lilliana gave her support to her daughter. “You did a good job setting the meeting place in the hotel! This is your chance to become Mister Jeremy’s woman!”


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