The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 168

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 168

Chapter 168

It was 8 p.m., and Jeremy arrived at Moonlight Hotel.

When he got to the front desk, the receptionist gave him a key card to Room 808 and stated the female customer had arranged it earlier.

Arriving at Room 808, Jeremy used the key card to enter.

It was a suite with a lavish interior design. He spotted no one in the room, but he could make out the sound of water running in the bathroom.

He walked past the bathroom and glanced into it with his dark eyes. There, he could see the silhouette of a woman having a shower through the engraved glass door.

His pupils shrunk. He pursed his lips while his subconscious told him to look away.

It was then he noticed there were six steaming hot dishes with one soup on the dining table.

Did the little rascal cook these for him? He once heard about the butler mentioning how Corinne would sometimes make some snacks for herself to eat at home. Could the brat, who looked spoiled, know how to cook after all?

Jeremy narrowed his eyes and saw a note beside the plate.

[Dearest Mister Jeremy, please feel free to dig in if you’re here. Don’t wait for me. The food tastes. better when it’s hot. I’m going to take a shower to freshen up after the cooking I did just now.


Jeremy raised his brow. Unknowingly, his lips curled up.

What a rare occasion it was. Corinne never cared about her look or manner when she was with

him, yet she cared about getting rid of the smell from the cooking when she invited him to dinner.

She even had the dinner set up at the room table. What was she thinking?

A smirk appeared on his face as he pulled the chair and sat elegantly. Using the cutleries set up nicely, he reached for the dishes and tried them. They tasted fine-nothing too spectacular but nothing terrible either.

These dishes could never compare to the food he had a professional chef prepare for him every day. It was the thought that counted, however, and these dishes did have a distinct taste to them.

After tasting some of the food, he put down the cutleries and pinched his glabella. He looked exhausted, and it looked as though was caught in ambivalence.

Since his early years, he had been busy with his family business. He had no time to engage in a relationship and was always an indifferent person, so he never had any interest in any woman.

Corinne appeared in his life roughly 20 days ago. At first, he only wanted to find a woman to help. him meet his grandfather’s wishes, yet he kept thinking of her amid his busy schedule. Her smile, the way she frowned when she was angry, and how she managed to irritate him every time….. These traits of hers warmed his heart.

He withdrew a tissue and wiped his mouth. The affectionate kiss from this afternoon reappeared. in his mind, and so did the thing she said angrily. “But you are still a man!”

He admitted he was distraught at that moment, and he just could not help himself.

Maybe he should reconsider his relationship with the little rascal.

Just then, the bathroom door opened.

Sherlyn walked out with a towel wrapped around her body Even though she knew Jeremy was there, she pretended to look surprised and abashed while grabbing her towel tightly

“Oh! Mister Jeremy, you’re here. I didn’t know that 1-1 forgot to take my clothes into the bathroom just now…”

Jeremy furrowed his brow. “It’s you?”

Sherlyn was stunned. “Umm… I was the one who invited you to have dinner here. Who else can it be?”

Jeremy narrowed his eyes as his gaze burned. “Corinne. Where is your assistant?”

“Oh, you’re asking about her… Mister Jeremy, I’m so sorry. My assistant used to live in the country. She has a weird personality and is lacking experience. I hold great responsibility too when she accidentally spilled tea on you yesterday. I shouldn’t have hired such a lousy person to be my assistant. I’m truly sorry. I’ll fire her later!”

She then slowly walked toward him, carefully swinging her hips seductively as though unintended. but she tripped over. Her towel fell and so did she, yet she managed to pose in a very sexy position.

“Ah!” she whimpered. “Mister Jeremy, please, can you come and help me stand? My leg hurts…” Jeremy got up on his feet and walked toward the naked Sherlyn…


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