The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 175

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 175

Chapter 175

Jeremy desperately tried to quell the foreign sensation in his body and responded deeply. He had already figured it out.

Corinne looked at him sympathetically as she raised her brow. “Are you able to drive? Maybe I should do it instead.”

“No.” He started the car engine and grabbed the steering wheel. “Go sit at the back!”

“Okay.” Knowing the true reason why Jeremy asked her to move to the back, she was no longer. angry. However, she did not go to the back by getting down as it was pouring heavily outside. She leaped to the back straight from the front passenger seat.

As soon as she was at the back, Jeremy quickly raised the partition glass to separate the front. and back so they were in different spaces. Despite that, they were still in the same car, with only the partition block separating them. They could still hear each other’s breaths.

Corinne felt conflicted. She knew Jeremy was trying to control himself, and she could not possibly pretend to not know it.

The downpour intensified, causing the road to pool with shallow water and making it unsafe to continue driving. Thus, Jeremy drove to a motel in the suburb.

The front desk receptionist informed them there was only one vacant room left.

It was an awkward moment for Corinne. If this happened on a normal day, she would not have minded being with Jeremy in the same room. It was not like they had never done that before back. home. Corinne would sleep on the bed, and Jeremy would take the sofa. They would easily leave

each other alone then.

Today was different. Jeremy accidentally ate something, and his libido skyrocketed because of it. What if he could not control himself?

While Corinne was hesitating, Jeremy said, “We’ll take it.”

Her head snapped toward him as she gazed at him warily.

Jeremy’s expression looked dark though without expression. He accepted the key card from the front desk and pulled Corinne with him to take the lift.

Since the lift was a closed space, Corinne’s guard heightened. Jeremy’s pants were audible, and if anything, it served as a warning to Corinne.

She looked to the side, thinking of inspecting his condition, but she realized Jeremy had been staring at her.

Their eyes met.

She knew what he was enduring, and he knew what she was being guarded against. Both of their thoughts were visible in their eyes.

Corinne blinked sheepishly and quickly looked away.

Once they entered the room, Jeremy headed straight to the bathroom and closed the door.

This eased Corinne’s worried mind. She inhaled softly and sat down to think of a solution.

When she was in the car, she did not exactly tell Jeremy the whole thing.

If she remembered correctly, the medical book she read stated that cordyceps and fennel should not be eaten together because they would create a toxin. The only way to expel the toxin was by having sexual intercourse or there would be serious implications.

Based on the consumed dosage, the person could suffer paralysis in the lower body compared to those who consumed less. That heavier consumption would result in death with blood overflowing the body.

No one except Jeremy knew how much he consumed.

Sherlyn was utterly despicable to have employed such a method. If she gave Jeremy Viagra instead of the cordyceps and fennel, he would just need to endure it and let it pass. Sherlyn was forcing Jeremy to sleep with her just to save himself, all so she could become his mistress.

Alas, Sherlyn would never think Jeremy would not stay in the hotel until the effect had taken its toll on him. That was the part where she failed.

Having thought of this, Corinne knew time was of the essence, and she should search on the internet to see if there was any way to help Jeremy expel the toxin.

She reached into her pocket and only then realized the kidnappers threw her phone away. Luckily, she had Jeremy’s coat with her, and his phone was in the pocket.

She used his phone to search for whatever information she could find, but she had no luck.

Out of the blue, she accidentally opened his recent call history. An idea popped into her mind as she quickly searched for Sunny’s contact number and called him


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