The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 177

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 177

Chapter 177

Jeremy looked like he just finished his shower and had changed into the white robe. With his

damp hair, he looked relaxed and at ease, but his expression showed the exact opposite-it was dark and sullen, just like a devil.

“Err… When did you come out, Mister?”

Jeremy was calmer after taking a cold shower. When he left the bathroom, however, he saw Corinne talking on the phone near the window.

He looked down at the screen and noticed the call was still connected, so he pressed the red button and ended the call.

He looked up from the screen and glared at Corinne. “What are you trying to do, looking for my ex- girlfriend?”

Corinne did not avoid the question and explained honestly, “Your condition calls for reinforcement to help you settle, so I…”

“So you called people to help me look for a woman?” Jeremy sounded angry.

Corinne nodded. “Yes, but I didn’t find any. Why don’t you contact your ex-girlfriend and see if she’s willing to rekindle with you?”

Jeremy’s gaze darkened as the corners of his lips quirked. “Miss Corinne, it looks like you really enjoy sharing your husband with another woman.”

This morning, she even helped another woman to invite him to the hotel and had the woman poison him! Had he not left any sooner, what would have happened if the effect started earlier?

Alas, it did not matter to her at all.

Corinne scoffed and felt helpless. “It’s an emergency. I’m just trying to help you solve your problem.”

“An emergency?” Jeremy squinted and smiled, but his grin looked forced and not at all natural as he sneered, “If you’re so keen on helping others, why don’t you do it and help me, your husband?”

Corinne was stunned and furrowed her brow sheepishly. “I can’t. I’m not your cup of tea…”

Jeremy walked up to her and lifted her chin roughly. “I’m thirsty like I’m in a desert. Do you think I’d care if you’re my cup of tea?”

This startled Corinne, and she was aware of the danger. Her instinct told her to back up as her mind reeled. “Really? If you don’t mind, I can go to the board downstairs and see if there are any flyers. I heard it’s very easy to call for a service nowadays…”

How was it possible that she still thought of getting an escort of sorts for him?

The anger in Jeremy’s body had infused with his desire. The fire grew even hotter as his body temperature rose.

‘How eager can she be? It looks like she genuinely doesn’t mind if I sleep with another woman… Heh.’

Just as Corinne was trying to make a run for it, Jeremy grabbed her hand. He then pulled both of her hands to her back and clamped them with just one hand.

Pulling her hands down a little with a bit of force, her body was lifted a little, so she had no choice. but to lift her head and look at him.

Corinne could not possibly overpower him, much less make a run for it. “Mister, what are you doing? Let me go now!”

Jeremy pushed her against the wall and raised one toned leg to press against the wall, between Corinne’s knees. If she could struggle before, she could no longer break free at this moment.

He lowered his head and brought his face close to hers. His heavy breathing fanned her scrunched face.

“Why should I look for other women when I have my wife here with me? Besides, those women aren’t clean. Am I right, Miss Corinne?”

Corinne frowned and looked to the side to avoid Jeremy’s face which was dangerously close to hers. If he got any closer, their lips would meet.

Jeremy was unhappy with that.

His free hand grabbed her chin and forced him to turn his way, and he looked at her from a condescending angle. “Are you so afraid that I’ll sleep with you? So eager to push me to another woman? Huh?”

The brat managed to trigger the desire he had just suppressed with a cold shower, and his body. heat flared up again.

He wanted nothing more than to bite this brat and devour her without spitting out any of her bones!

Jeremy did not want to endure it anymore. His cold eyes burned passionately, fervently.

Things were about to get out of control.

Corinne gasped a full breath of cold air and said, “Mister, please get ahold of yourself! Don’t forget that I’m not your type!”


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