The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 181

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 181

Chapter 181

Jeremy turned his head and asked Corinne, “Where would you like to go now?”

She answered, “My home, please. Thanks.”

Jeremy started the car and drove into traffic as he said in a flat tone, “Quit your job as an assistant. I asked Tommy to arrange a job for you because I wanted you to have a means of killing time, not to let you be at someone else’s beck and call.”

Corinne turned to look at the man, and she had a pensive expression on her face.

In her role as the dignified ‘Missus Holden’, working as an assistant to some small-time celebrity would only affect Jeremy’s reputation. Going by that reasoning, she accepted his request and said, “I still have some things to wrap up, but I’ll quit the job as soon as I’m done.”

Jeremy did not say a word and sent her back to her house.

After getting out of the car, Corinne suddenly thought of something and leaned against the car window. “Could you lend me some money, Mister? The kidnappers threw my phone away yesterday, and I don’t have any cash on me right now.”

Jeremy stared at her, took out his phone, and tossed it to her. “The payment pin code is my birthday.”

Corinne caught his cell phone, looked up at him in surprise, and asked, “Umm… When’s your birthday again?”

Jeremy shot her a cold look, turned his head to look in front of him, then raised the window and slammed his foot on the gas pedal as he drove off.

Corinne’s lips twitched, and she had no choice but to check it online. It was the seventeenth of September, which was not too long away. ‘Is he trying to hint at me for a birthday present?

Sherlyn and Lilliana were the only ones at the Carew family home as Marvin had gone out for some morning exercise.

Sherlyn came home earlier that morning, and she was throwing a fit in the living room as she complained, “Mom, you said that the recipe will make men unable to control their desires in front of women, right? But there was no reaction from Mister Jeremy when he saw me yesterday, and he didn’t even help me when I fell naked! It was so embarrassing!”

Lilliana frowned and remarked in confusion, “But that can’t be possible! It worked when I tried it on your father! If Jeremy eats that and doesn’t sleep with you at least once, his body will experience lasting aftereffects, and he’s lucky if all he suffers is some paralysis. In a worst-case scenario, he’ll die from engorgement! The book states that a man’s instinctive desires will cause them to be overwhelmed by passion, which leaves them no choice but to find a way to release it!”

As she spoke, she reached for the bookshelf and took out the book ‘Quick Ways to Win Men’s Hearts’ that she had secretly hidden there. She turned to the page that detailed the combination of cordyceps and fennel, only to find that there was a footnote in the brackets at the bottom,


which stated that cordyceps ‘works only when the man who consumed it is in the presence of a woman that he is attracted to. It is the dopamine produced by the body that triggers the toxin to take effect. It is therefore ineffective when in the presence of other people’.

Meanwhile, the fennel played a mere supporting role once the toxins of the cordyceps took effect.

Sherlyn felt even more ashamed after knowing the real reason. ‘Why doesn’t Mister Jeremy find. me attractive? Does he think I’m not good-looking? I have a good figure, good skin, and I’m super talented too…”

At that moment, the two of them heard someone opening the door with a key, and they immediately stopped their discussion thinking Marvin had returned.

However, it turned out to be Corinne.

Sherlyn immediately had a petulant expression and said, “Where did you get the nerve to come. back here, Corinne? Since you took the salary I paid you without even working, I want you to return everything to me right now!”

Corinne walked over and slapped Sherlyn without the slightest hesitation.

Sherlyn was shocked by what happened and covered her face in shock. “You’re crazy! How dare you hit me!”

Lilliana became frantic when she saw what had happened. “Corinne, you b*tch! Why did you slap Sherlyn?”


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